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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A brief study on δ-ferrite evolution in dissimilar P91 and P92 steel weld joint and their effect on mechanical propertiesPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar, Pradeep; Saini N.; Thakre J.G.; Vidyarthy R.S.; Narang H.K.
2017A comparative study of ductile-brittle transition behavior and fractography of P91 and P92 steelSaini N.; Pandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Narang H.K.; Mulik, Rahul S.; Kumar, Pradeep
2018A comparative study of transverse shrinkage stresses and residual stresses in P91 welded pipe including plasticity errorPandey C.; Mahapatra M.M.; Kumar, Pradeep
2014A flexible decision framework for building risk mitigation strategies in green supply chain using SAP-LAP and IRP approachesMangla S.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2007A framework to implement QCS through process cost modelingSharma R.K.; Kumar D.; Kumar, Pradeep
2016A fuzzy DEMATEL-based approach for evaluation of risks in green initiatives in supply chainMangla S.K.; Kumar, Pradeep; Barua, Mukesh Kumar
2008A goal programming model for paper recycling systemPati R.K.; Vrat P.; Kumar, Pradeep
2014A hybrid approach using AHP-TOPSIS for analyzing e-SCM performanceTyagi M.; Kumar, Pradeep; Kumar D.; Yarlagadda P.K.D.V.; Xavior M.A.
2010A loss function based decision support model for 3PL selection by 4PLsBhatti R.S.; Kumar, Pradeep; Kumar D.
2008A methodology to determine maintenance criticality using AHPSachdeva A.; Kumar D.; Kumar, Pradeep
1999A multi-objective framework for the design of vacuum sealed molding processKumar, Pradeep; Singh N.; Goel P.
2011A new approach to joining of bulk copper using microwave energySrinath M.S.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
2011A novel method for joining of stainless steel (SS-316) through microwave energySrinath M.S.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep
2015A photoelasticity approach for characterization of defects in microwave drilling of soda lime glassLautre N.K.; Sharma, Apurbba Kumar; Kumar, Pradeep; Das S.
2007A strategic decision model for the justification of supply chain as a means to improve national development indexBalan S.; Vrat P.; Kumar, Pradeep
2016A study about hole making in woven jute fabric-reinforced polymer compositesYallew T.B.; Kumar, Pradeep; Singh, Inderdeep
2006Abrasive flow machining with additional centrifugal force applied to the mediaWalia R.S.; Shan H.S.; Kumar, Pradeep
2005An alternative port for use in hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery: A design using a stoma ring and a gloveKumar, Pradeep; Kumar S.
2006An experimental study of the machining parameters in powder mixed electric discharge machining of Al-10%SiCP metal matrix compositesKansal H.K.; Singh S.; Kumar, Pradeep
2007An integrated approach to analyse system behaviour using knowledge-based approximate reasoning methodologiesKumar Sharma R.; Kumar D.; Kumar, Pradeep