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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20191,3,5-Triiodo-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene (TITNB) from benzene: Balancing performance and high thermal stability of functional energetic materialsZhao G.; He C.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Hooper J.P.; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
20173,4,5-Trinitro-1-(nitromethyl)-1 H -pyrazole (TNNMP): A perchlorate free high energy density oxidizer with high thermal stabilityKumar, Dheeraj; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2019A Halogen-Free Green High Energy Density Oxidizer from H-FOXDharavath S.; Tang Y.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Mitchell L.A.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2017A Highly Stable and Insensitive Fused Triazolo–Triazine Explosive (TTX)Kumar, Dheeraj; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2019A Safe and Scaled-Up Route to Inert Ammonia Oxide Hydroxylammonium Azide (H7N5O2), Hydrazinium Azide (H5N5), and Ammonium Azide (H4N4)Zhao G.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Hu L.; Shreeve J.M.
2021A synchronous piezoelectric-triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid generator for harvesting vibration energySingh H.H.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Khare N.
2017Aminoacetonitrile as precursor for nitrogen rich stable and insensitive asymmetric: N -methylene-C linked tetrazole-based energetic compoundsKumar, Dheeraj; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2016Asymmetric: N, N ′-ethylene-bridged azole-based compounds: Two way control of the energetic properties of compoundsKumar, Dheeraj; Mitchell L.A.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2017Balancing Excellent Performance and High Thermal Stability in a Dinitropyrazole Fused 1, 2, 3, 4-TetrazineTang Y.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Shreeve J.M.
2019Bis(3-nitro-1-(trinitromethyl)1 H1,2,4-triazol-5-yl)methanone: An applicable and very dense green oxidizerZhao G.; Yin P.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2016Chemistry of the highly stable hindered cobalt sandwich compound (η5-Cp)Co(η4-C4Ph4) and its derivativesKumar, Dheeraj; Deb M.; Singh J.; Singh N.; Keshav K.; Elias A.J.
2014Chiral multidentate oxazoline ligands based on cyclophosphazene cores: Synthesis, characterization and complexation studiesKumar, Dheeraj; Singh J.; Elias A.J.
2018Combustion of energetic iodine-rich coordination polymer – Engineering of new biocidal materialsKumar Chinnam A.; Shlomovich A.; Shamis O.; Petrutik N.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Wang K.; Komarala E.P.; Tov D.S.; Sućeska M.; Yan Q.L.; Gozin M.
2016Connecting energetic nitropyrazole and aminotetrazole moieties with: N, N ′-ethylene bridges: A promising approach for fine tuning energetic propertiesKumar, Dheeraj; He C.; Mitchell L.A.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2019Construction of Polynitro Compounds as High-Performance Oxidizers via a Two-Step Nitration of Various Functional GroupsZhao G.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Yin P.; He C.; Imler G.H.; Parrish D.A.; Shreeve J.M.
2009Design of helical slow wave structure for Ka-band 40W Space TWTBera A.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Choudhary A.R.; Sharma R.K.; Srivastava V.
2009Design of SWS for a Ku-band 140W short-length TWTSrivastava V.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Sharma R.K.
2012Effect of manufacturing tolerances of helix diameter on TWT performancesJain A.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Purshotaman N.; Sharma R.K.; Srivastava V.; Ghosh S.K.
2012Effect of thickness and radial position of aperture in a pole piece in focusing of multibeam electron gunNehra A.; Sharma R.K.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Choyal Y.
2021Electric polarization tune enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of visible light active ferroelectric Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 nanostructure photoanodeKumar, Dheeraj; Sharma S.; Khare N.