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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network based Classification of Histopathology ImagesKumar S.A.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Kuldeep B.; Mohan J.; Gupta A.
2011An Improved and Simplified Approach for Designing Cosine Modulated Filter Bank Using Window TechniqueKumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Kuldeep B.
2017An improved design method based on polyphase components for digital FIR filtersKumar A.; Kuldeep B.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Lee H.N.
2015Design of Multi-channel Cosine-Modulated Filter Bank Based on Fractional Derivative Constraints Using Cuckoo Search AlgorithmKuldeep B.; Kumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2015Design of quadrature mirror filter bank using Lagrange multiplier method based on fractional derivative constraintsKuldeep B.; Kumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2015Design of two-channel filter bank using nature inspired optimization based fractional derivative constraintsKuldeep B.; Singh V.K.; Kumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2016PSO based optimized fractional derivative constraints for designing M-Channel filter bankKuldeep B.; Kumar A.; Singh, Girish Kumar; Kumar P.; Saini D.S.