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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Comonomer effect on the mechanical and morphological behavior on the calcite-filled PP, CoPP, and TerPPKim H.; Kim K.J.; Kwon S.M.; Kundu P.P.; Jo B.C.; Lee B.H.; Lee D.S.; Choe S.
2004Effect of calcite and calcite/zeolite hybrid fillers on LLDPE and PP compositesKundu P.P.; Biswas J.; Kim H.; Shim S.E.; Choe S.; Lee D.S.
2004Effect of different film preparation procedures on the thermal, morphological and mechanical properties of pure and calcite-filled HDPE filmsKundu P.P.; Biswas J.; Kim H.; Chung C.-W.; Choe S.
2010Electro magnetic interference shielding characteristic of silver coated copper powderKim J.J.; Lee H.W.; Dabhade V.V.; Kim S.R.; Kwon W.T.; Choi D.J.; Kim H.; Kim Y.
2018Enhanced Tissue Compatibility of Polyetheretherketone Disks by Dopamine-Mediated Protein ImmobilizationKwon G.; Kim H.; Gupta K.C.; Kang I.-K.
2018Graphene-reinforced elastomeric nanocomposites: A reviewMensah B.; Gupta K.C.; Kim H.; Wang W.; Jeong K.-U.; Nah C.
2003Influence of film preparation procedures on the crystallinity, morphology and mechanical properties of LLDPE filmsKundu P.P.; Biswas J.; Kim H.; Choe S.
2003Influence of mixing cycle on the degree of mixing of calcite-filled polyethylene upon stretchingKim K.-J.; Kwon S.; Kim H.; Kundu P.P.; Kim Y.-W.; Lee Y.-K.; Lee K.J.; Lee B.H.; Choe S.
2003Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)/Zeolite Microporous Composite FilmBiswas J.; Kim H.; Choe S.; Kundu P.P.; Park Y.-H.; Lee D.S.
2018Morphology Study on the Effect of Thermodynamic Inhibitors during Methane Hydrate Formation in the Presence of NaClKim H.; Veluswamy H.P.; Seo Y.; Linga P.
2002Tensile property and interfacial dewetting in the calcite filled HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE compositesKwon S.; Kim K.J.; Kim H.; Kundu P.P.; Kim T.J.; Lee Y.K.; Lee B.H.; Choe S.