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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Depletion of MCP-1 increases development of herpetic stromal keratitis by innate immune modulationKim B.; Sarangi, Pranita P.; Lee Y.; Kaistha S.D.; Lee S.; Rouse B.T.
2008Enhanced viral immunoinflammatory lesions in mice lacking IL-23 responsesKim B.; Sarangi, Pranita P.; Azkur A.K.; Kaistha S.D.; Rouse B.T.
2006Fabrication of single crystalline cadmium nanowires by a facile low temperature vapor phase methodMohanty, Paritosh; Park J.; Lee G.; Kim B.
2005In vivo kinetics of GITR and GITR ligand expression and their functional significance in regulating viral immunopathologySuvas S.; Kim B.; Sarangi, Pranita P.; Tone M.; Waldmann H.; Rouse B.T.
2007Innate recognition network driving herpes simplex virus-induced corneal immunopathology: Role of the toll pathway in early inflammatory events in stromal keratitisSarangi, Pranita P.; Kim B.; Kurt-Jones E.; Rouse B.T.
2006Large scale synthesis of highly pure single crystalline tellurium nanowires by thermal evaporation methodMohanty, Paritosh; Park J.; Kim B.
2007Magnetic properties of single-crystalline CoSi nanowiresSeo K.; Varadwaj K.S.K.; Mohanty, Paritosh; Lee S.; Jo Y.; Jung M.-H.; Kim J.; Kim B.
2008Non-mitogenic anti-CD3F(ab′)2 monoclonal antibody: A novel approach to control herpetic stromal keratitisSarangi, Pranita P.; Kim B.; Rouse B.T.
2007Phase-controlled growth of metastable Fe5Si3 nanowires by a vapor transport methodVaradwaj K.S.K.; Seo K.; In J.; Mohanty, Paritosh; Park J.; Kim B.
2007Simple vapor-phase synthesis of single-crystalline Ag nanowires and single-nanowire surface-enhanced raman scatteringMohanty, Paritosh; Yoon I.; Kang T.; Seo K.; Varadwaj K.S.K.; Choi W.; Park Q.-H.; Jae P.A.; Yung D.S.; Ihee H.; Kim B.
2007Synthesis of single crystalline europium-doped ZnO nanowiresMohanty, Paritosh; Kim B.; Park J.
2006Synthesis of single crystalline tellurium nanotubes with triangular and hexagonal cross sectionsMohanty, Paritosh; Kang T.; Kim B.; Park J.
2006Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2-based DNA immunization delays development of herpetic stromal keratitis by antiangiogenic effectsKim B.; Suvas S.; Sarangi, Pranita P.; Lee S.; Reisfeld R.A.; Rouse B.T.