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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An Alternative Approach for Acetylation of Amine Terminated Polyamidoamine (PAMAM) DendrimerGautam S.P.; Keservani R.K.; Gautam T.; Gupta A.K.; Sharma A.K.
2016Anti-inflammatory Activity of Tuber Extracts of Solanum tuberosum in Male Albino RatsAhmad M.F.; Ahmad S.M.; Keservani R.K.; Sharma A.K.
2016Medicinal Effect of Nutraceutical Fruits for the Cognition and Brain HealthKeservani R.K.; Sharma A.K.; Kesharwani R.K.
2015Phytochemical screening and wound healing potential of Cuscuta reflexaGautam T.; Gautam S.P.; Keservani R.K.; Sharma A.K.
2015Protein and peptide in drug targeting and its therapeutic approachKeservani R.K.; Sharma A.K.; Jarouliya U.
2016Self-micro emulsifying drug delivery systems: A strategy to improve oral bioavailabilitySharma V.K.; Koka A.; Yadav J.; Sharma A.K.; Keservani R.K.