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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Electrochemistry and Spectroelectrochemistry of Cobalt Porphyrins with π-Extending and/or Highly Electron-Withdrawing Pyrrole Substituents. in Situ Electrogeneration of σ-Bonded ComplexesKe X.; Kumar R.; Sankar, Muniappan; Kadish K.M.
2017Facile and Reversible Electrogeneration of Porphyrin Trianions and Tetraanions in Nonaqueous MediaKe X.; Yadav P.; Cong L.; Kumar R.; Sankar, Muniappan; Kadish K.M.
2017Highly reducible π-extended copper corrolesYadav P.; Sankar, Muniappan; Ke X.; Cong L.; Kadish K.M.