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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A new real coded genetic algorithm operator: Log logistic mutationDeep K.; Shashi; Katiyar V.K.
2015Analysis of interrelationship between pedestrian flow parameters using artificial neural networkDas P.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2012Artificial neural network modeling for road traffic noise predictionKumar K.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2015Characteristics of macro-level pedestrian movement for planning of pedestrian infrastructureDas P.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2011Effect of speed fluctuations due to driving imperfections on road traffic noise emissionRawat K.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha
2014Effects of first-order chemical reactions on the dispersion coefficient associated with laminar flow through the lungsSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha
2009Finding stable conformations of small molecules using real coded genetic algorithmShashi; Deep K.; Katiyar V.K.
2011Global optimization of lennard-jones potential using newly developed real coded genetic algorithmsDeep K.; Shashi; Katiyar V.K.
2011Minimizing Lennard-Jones potential using a real coded genetic algorithm and Particle Swarm OptimizationDeep K.; Katiyar V.K.; Shashi
2010Multi objective extraction optimization of bioactive compounds from gardenia using real coded genetic algorithmShashi; Deep K.; Katiyar V.K.
2015Numerical simulation of gas flow through a biofilter in lung tissuesSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha
2010Numerical study of blood partial pressure of the human respiratory systemDevdatta; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha; Saini A.
2010Numerical study of one-dimensional model of blast wave propagation through lungsSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Pratibha; Devdatta
2016Optimization Technique for Pedestrian Data ExtractionDas P.; Parida M.; Bhaskar A.; Katiyar V.K.
2014Optimized height of noise barrier for non-urban highway using artificial neural networkKumar K.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2015Pedestrian stream flow modeling using single and multi regime conceptsDas P.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2014Prediction of urban traffic noise using artificial neural network approachKumar K.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2015Short term traffic flow prediction in heterogeneous condition using artificial neural networkKumar K.; Parida M.; Katiyar V.K.
2016Thermosolutal Mixed Convection in an Air Filled Ventilated Enclosure with Slot Wise Embedded Heat and Contaminant SourcesVenkateshwarlu K.; Nayak A.K.; Singh B.; Katiyar V.K.; Gupta N.
2016Two dimensional model of pulsatile flow of a dusty fluid through a tube with axisymmetric constrictionSaini A.; Katiyar V.K.; Parida M.