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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A comparison between control of cupola furnace using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithmsKarunakar D.B.; Datta G.L.
2017A novel method of increasing ceramic shell permeability and optimizing casting shrinkage and tensile strength of the investment cast partsPattnaik S.; Jha P.K.; Karunakar D.B.
2014A prediction model for the lost wax process through fuzzy-based artificial neural networkPattnaik S.; Karunakar D.B.; Jha P.K.
2014A review of rapid prototyping integrated investment casting processesPattnaik S.; Jha P.K.; Karunakar D.B.
2012A study on hot tearing susceptibility of Al-Cu, Al-Mg, and Al-Zn alloysBirru A.K.; Karunakar D.B.; Mahapatra M.M.
2011A study on the blended wax patterns in investment casting processBemblage O.; Karunakar D.B.
2006A study on the hot tearing in AL-1% Sn cast alloysDatta G.L.; Karunakar D.B.
2007Controlling green sand mould properties using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms - A comparisonKarunakar D.B.; Datta G.L.
2019Development and investigation of densification behavior of ZrB2-SiC composites through microwave sinteringSharma A.; Karunakar D.B.
2018Development of 2024 AA-Yttrium composites by Spark Plasma SinteringVidyasagar C.H.S.; Karunakar D.B.
2019Development of AA2024/TiB2 + Y2O3 Hybrid Composites with Improved Mechanical Properties Through Stir RheocastingCheneke S.; Karunakar D.B.
2018Development of alumina toughened zirconia nanocomposites using spark plasma sinteringMeena K.L.; Karunakar D.B.; Meka S.R.Chaudhari G.P.
2012Developments in investment casting process - A reviewPattnaik S.; Karunakar D.B.; Jha P.K.
2019Effect of ZrO 2 and MgO added in alumina on the physical and mechanical properties of spark plasma sintered nanocompositeMeena K.L.; Karunakar D.B.
2016Enhancement of porosity and mechanical properties of ceramic shell in investment casting process by the addition of camphor and needle coke/wax powder- A comparisonTamta K.; Karunakar D.B.; Pralhad W.U.
2014Enhancement of porosity of the ceramic shell in investment casting process using needle coke and camphorTamta K.; Karunakar D.B.
2019Enhancing mechanical properties and permeability of ceramic shell in investment casting processTamta K.; Karunakar D.B.
2019Enhancing the Permeability and Properties of Ceramic Shell in Investment Casting Process Using ABS Powder and Needle CokeKumar S.; Karunakar D.B.
2019Improvement of Mechanical Properties of 2024 AA by Reinforcing Yttrium and Processing Through Spark Plasma SinteringVidyasagar C.S.; Karunakar D.B.
2013Influence of injection process parameters on dimensional stability of wax patterns made by the lost wax process using Taguchi approachPattnaik S.; Karunakar D.B.; Jha P.K.