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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Effect of xylanases from Aspergillus niger NKUC3-0.2 mutant strain on prebleaching of wheat straw and mixed hardwood pulpsKapur N.; Dutt, Dharm; Singh R.P.; Tyagi C.H.; Nand V.
2003Evidence on triggered seismicity associated with the October 20, 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake (Garhwal Himalaya)Shanker, Dayasfeq; Kapur N.; Singh V.P.
2004Modelling Quaternary thrusting in Himalayas and its geodynamic constraints in Southern TibetShanker, Dayasfeq; Kapur N.; Singh V.P.
2001On the spatio temporal distribution of global seismicity and rotation of the earth - A reviewShanker, Dayasfeq; Kapur N.; Singh V.P.
2002Thrust-wedge mechanics and coeval development of normal and reverse faults in the HimalayasShanker, Dayasfeq; Kapur N.; Singh B.