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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Efficient bulk heterojunction solar cells using tetrasubstituted pyrene derivatives as donorsThomas K.R.J.; Kapoor N.; Roy M.S.; Sharma G.D.
2010Fluoranthene-based triarylamines as hole-transporting and emitting materials for efficient electroluminescent devicesKapoor N.; Thomas K.R.J.
2012Organic dyes containing pyrenylamine-based cascade donor systems with different aromatic π linkers for dye-sensitized solar cells: Optical, electrochemical, and device characteristicsThomas K.R.J.; Kapoor N.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2012Pyrene-fluorene hybrids containing acetylene linkage as color-tunable emitting materials for organic light-emitting diodesThomas K.R.J.; Kapoor N.; Bolisetty M.N.K.P.; Jou J.-H.; Chen Y.-L.; Jou Y.-C.
2012The use of a polarity matching and high-energy exciton generating host in fabricating efficient purplish-blue OLEDs from a sky-blue emitterJou J.-H.; Chen Y.-L.; Tseng J.-R.; Wu R.-Z.; Shyue J.-J.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Kapoor N.; Chen C.-T.; Lin Y.-P.; Wang P.-H.; Hung H.-W.; Li J.-Y.; Chen S.-P.