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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Adsorption of amino acids on transition metal ferrocyanides and its implications in chemical evolutionKamaluddin; Nath, Mala; Deopujari S.W.; Sharma A.
1989Aminoacidpentacyanoferrate(III) Complexes Catalysed Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide : Prebiotic Evolution of Oxidoreductase: [Fe(III)(CN)5Lln- Complexes.Kamaluddin; Nath M.; Deopuzari S.W.
1989Chemical evolution of dehydrogenases: Amino acid pentacyanoferrate (II) as possible intermediatesKamaluddin; Nath, Mala; Deopujari S.W.
1986Chemical Evolution of Iron Containing Enzymes: Mixed Ligand Complexes of Iron as Intermediately Steps.Kamaluddin; Singh M.; Deopuzari S.W.
1988Chemical evolution of peroxidase - amino acid pentacyanoferrate (II) complexes as modelKamaluddin; Nath, Mala; Deopujari S.W.
1993Copper(II) Complexes of (Salicylidene)amino Acid Schiff Bases as Models: Perioxidase and Catalase.Nath M.; Kamaluddin; Cheema J.
2017DABCO-mediated aza-Michael addition of 4-aryl-1H-1,2,3-triazoles to cycloalkenones. Regioselective synthesis of disubstituted 1,2,3-triazolesBhagat U.K.; Kamaluddin; Peddinti, Rama Krishna
1993Hydrolysis of 4-Nitrophenylphosphate by Aminoacidatozinc Complexes.Viladkar S.; Kamaluddin; Nath M.
1994Role of metal ferrocyanides in chemical evolution - Adsorption of ribose and 2′-deoxyribose 5′-nucleotides on metal ferrocyanidesKamaluddin; Nath, Mala; Sharma A.
1990Role of transition metal ferrocyanides (II) in chemical evolutionKamaluddin; Nath, Mala; Deopujari S.W.; Sharma A.
2013Silica supported-double metal cyanides (DMCs): A green and highly efficient catalytic protocol for isomerisation of 2′-hydroxychalcones to flavanonesAhmed, Naseem; Konduru N.K.; Praveen; Kumar A.; Kamaluddin
1989Studies on chemical evolution of transition metal enzymesKamaluddin; Nath, Mala; Deopujari S.W.; Sharma A.