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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20153D basin-shape ratio effects on frequency content and spectral amplitudes of basin-generated surface waves and associated spatial ground motion amplification and differential ground motionKamal,; Narayan, Jay Prakash
2011A fractal model of earthquake occurrence: Theory, simulations and comparisons with the aftershock dataBhattacharya P.; Chakrabarti B.K.; Kamal,
2015A numerical study of effects of valley-weathering and valley-shape-ratio on the ground motion characteristicsNarayan, Jay Prakash; Arafat M.Y.; Kamal,
2018A scenario of ground shaking hazard in intracratonic circular basins developed by basin-generated surface waves: an earthquake engineering perspectiveNarayan, Jay Prakash; Kamal,
2021A Study of the International Stock Market Behavior During COVID-19 Pandemic Using a Driven Iterated Function SystemGupta A.; Shaju C.; Pratibha; Kamal,
1992A test of the superconducting gravimeter as a long-period seismometerKamal,; Mansinha L.
2015Body Wave Crustal Attenuation Characteristics in the Garhwal Himalaya, IndiaNegi S.S.; Paul A.; Joshi A.; Kamal,
2017Crustal velocity structure and earthquake processes of Garhwal-Kumaun Himalaya: Constraints from regional waveform inversion and array beam modelingNegi S.S.; Paul A.; Cesca S.; Kamal,; Kriegerowski M.; Mahesh P.; Gupta S.
2014Effect of frequency-dependent radiation pattern in the strong motion simulation of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, Japan, using modified semi-empirical methodSandeep; Joshi A.; Kamal,; Kumar P.; Kumar A.
2016Effects of basin parameters on the spatial variation of characteristics of basin generated Rayleigh wavesNarayan, Jay Prakash; Singh P.K.; Kamal,
2017Emergence of the semi-empirical technique of strong ground motion simulation: A reviewSandeep; Joshi A.; Kumari P.; Lal S.; Vandana; Kumar P.; Kamal,
2003Estimation of ground motion for Bhuj (26 January 2001; Mw 7.6 and for future earthquakes in IndiaSingh S.K.; Bansal B.K.; Bhattacharya S.N.; Pacheco J.F.; Dattatrayam R.S.; Ordaz M.; Suresh G.; Kamal,; Hough S.E.
2007Estimation of site amplification at various litho-units in NW-Himalaya using horizontal to vertical ratioMundepi A.K.; Kamal,; Paul A.
2013Estimation of site effects in Delhi using standard spectral ratioMittal H.; Kamal,; Kumar A.; Singh S.K.
2008First observations of free oscillations of the earth from Indian superconducting gravimeter in HimalayaArora B.R.; Kamal,; Kumar A.; Rawat G.; Kumar N.; Choubey V.M.
2013Ground motion estimation in Delhi from postulated regional and local earthquakesMittal H.; Kumar A.; Kamal,
2004Macroseismic field observations of January 26th, 2001 Kachchh earthquake and its seismotectonicsMahajan A.K.; Kumar S.; Kamal,
2014Modeling of strong motion generation area of the Uttarkashi earthquake using modified semiempirical approachSandeep; Joshi A.; Kamal,; Kumar P.; Kumari P.
2014Modeling of strong motion generation areas of the 2011 Tohoku, Japan earthquake using modified semi-empirical techniqueJoshi A.; Sandeep; Kamal,
2015Modeling of strong motion generation areas of the Niigata, Japan, earthquake of 2007 using modified semi-empirical techniqueSandeep; Joshi A.; Kamal,; Kumar P.; Kumar A.; Dhibar P.