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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Biofunctionalized graphene quantum dots based fluorescent biosensor towards efficient detection of small cell lung cancerKalkal A.; Pradhan R.; Kadian S.; Manik G.; Gopinath P.
2019Effect of sulfur doping on fluorescence and quantum yield of graphene quantum dots: An experimental and theoretical investigationKadian S.; Manik G.; Kalkal A.; Singh M.; Chauhan R.P.
2020Synthesis, characterization and investigation of synergistic antibacterial activity and cell viability of silver-sulfur doped graphene quantum dot (Ag@S-GQDs) nanocompositesKadian S.; Manik G.; Das N.; Nehra P.; Chauhan R.P.; Roy P.
2020Targeted bioimaging and sensing of folate receptor-positive cancer cells using folic acid-conjugated sulfur-doped graphene quantum dotsKadian S.; Manik G.; Das N.; Roy P.