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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A new family of A 2B 2 type porphyrin derivatives: Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and their application in dye-sensitized solar cellsPanda M.K.; Sharma G.D.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Coutsolelos A.G.
2017A new molecular design based on hybridized local and charge transfer fluorescence for highly efficient (>6%) deep-blue organic light emitting diodesKumar Konidena R.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Kumar Dubey D.; Sahoo S.; Jou J.-H.
2013A new porphyrin bearing a pyridinylethynyl group as sensitizer for dye sensitized solar cellsDaphnomili D.; Sharma G.D.; Biswas S.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Coutsolelos A.G.
2008A novel photoelectrochromic device with dual application based on poly(3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene) thin film and an organic dyeHsu C.-Y.; Lee K.-M.; Huang J.-H.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Lin J.T.; Ho K.-C.
2016Benzimidazole-Branched Isomeric Dyes: Effect of Molecular Constitution on Photophysical, Electrochemical, and Photovoltaic PropertiesBodedla G.B.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Fan M.-S.; Ho K.-C.
2000Biferrocenes with heteroaromatic spacers: Synthesis, structure, and electrochemistryJustin Thomas K.R.; Lin J.T.; Wen Y.S.
2016Bis-naphthalimides bridged by electron acceptors: Optical and self-assembly characteristicsSaini A.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2012Bulk heterojunction organic photovoltaic devices based on small molecules featuring pyrrole and carbazole and 2-(4-nitrophenyl)acrylonitrile acceptor segments as donor and fullerene derivatives as acceptorSharma G.D.; Mikroyannidis J.A.; Sharma S.S.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2005Chromophore-labeled quinoxaline derivatives as efficient electroluminescent materialsJustin Thomas K.R.; Velusamy M.; Lin Jiann T.; Chuen C.-H.; Tao Y.-T.
2011Co-sensitization promoted light harvesting for plastic dye-sensitized solar cellsLee K.-M.; Hsu Y.-C.; Ikegami M.; Miyasaka T.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Lin J.T.; Ho K.-C.
1995Copper(II) and cobalt(II) complexes of 2,2-diphenyl-4,4,6,6-tetrakis(1-pyrazolyl) cyclotriphosphazene, N3P3Ph2Pz4. X-ray crystal structure of N3P3Ph2Pz4·CoCl2·0.5CH2Cl2Justin Thomas K.R.; Chandrasekhar V.; Scott S.R.; Cordes A.W.
2004Cyanocarbazole derivatives for high-performance electroluminescent devicesJustin Thomas K.R.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.-H.
2010Dipolar compounds containing fluorene and a heteroaromatic ring as the conjugating bridge for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cellsChen C.-H.; Hsu Y.-C.; Chou H.-H.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Lin J.T.; Hsu C.-P.
2008Donor-acceptor interactions in red-emitting thienylbenzene-branched dendrimers with benzothiadiazole coreJustin Thomas K.R.; Huang T.-H.; Lin J.T.; Pu S.-C.; Cheng Y.-M.; Hsieh C.-C.; Tai C.P.
2015Effect of auxiliary chromophores on the optical, electrochemical, and photovoltaic properties of carbazole-based dyesVenkateswararao A.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Lee C.-P.; Ho K.-C.
2007Effects of co-adsorbate and additive on the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells: A photophysical studyLee K.-M.; Suryanarayanan V.; Ho K.-C.; Justin Thomas K.R.; Lin J.T.
2012Efficient bulk heterojunction photovoltaic devices based on diketopyrrolopyrrole containing small molecule as donor and modified PCBM derivatives as electron acceptorsSharma G.D.; Mikroyannidis J.A.; Sharma S.S.; Roy M.S.; Justin Thomas K.R.
2011Electro-optical properties of new anthracene based organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cellsJustin Thomas K.R.; Singh P.; Baheti A.; Hsu Y.-C.; Ho K.-C.; Lin J.T.
2002Electroluminescent bipolar compounds containing quinoxaline or pyridopyrazine and triarylamine segmentsJustin Thomas K.R.; Lin J.T.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.H.
2004Energy harvesting star-shaped molecules for electroluminescence applicationsJustin Thomas K.R.; Velusamy M.; Lin J.T.; Sun S.-S.; Tao Y.-T.; Chuen C.-H.