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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Differential citizenship: questioning the dalit claim to equal citizenship through a projection of differenceMukherjee R.; Jha S.
2014Late Cretaceous diurnal tidal system: A study from Nimar Sandstone, Bagh Group, Narmada Valley, Central IndiaBhattacharya B.; Jha S.
2012Migration and empowerment: The experience of women in households in India where migration of a husband has occurredSinha B.; Jha S.; Negi N.S.
2017Significance of seismites in the Late Cretaceous transgressive Nimar Sandstone succession, Son-Narmada rift valley, Central IndiaJha S.; Bhattacharya B.; Nandwani S.
2015The consciousness of Dalit Selfhood: Narration of history in Dalit autobiographiesMukherjee R.; Jha S.
2016The sinner-saint syndrome in graham greene's novelsJha S.
2019Tracing the identity and ascertaining the nature of Brahmi-derived Devanagari scriptPandey K.K.; Jha S.
2020Trauma, Memory, History and its Counter Narration in Thi Bui’s Graphic Memoir The Best We Could DoGusain A.; Jha S.