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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010A graphics processing unit implementation of coulomb interaction in molecular dynamicsJha, Prateek K.; Sknepnek R.; Guerrero-García G.I.; Olvera De La Cruz M.
2011A practical integral equation for the structure and thermodynamics of hard sphere Coulomb fluidsZwanikken J.W.; Jha, Prateek K.; De La Cruz M.O.
2016A Systematic Coarse-Grained Model for Methylcellulose Polymers: Spontaneous Ring Formation at Elevated TemperatureHuang W.; Ramesh R.; Jha, Prateek K.; Larson R.G.
2019“Ant-Wall” model to study drug release from excipient matrixSingh K.; Satapathi, Soumitra; Jha, Prateek K.
2014Assessing the efficiency of polymeric excipients by atomistic molecular dynamics simulationsJha, Prateek K.; Larson R.G.
2010Control of nanophases in polyelectrolyte gels by salt additionWu K.-A.; Jha, Prateek K.; De La Cruz M.O.
2017Controllable Bulk Heterojunction Morphology by Self-Assembly of Oppositely Charged NanoparticlesSingh K.; Jha, Prateek K.; Satapathi, Soumitra
2020Density functional theory investigation of structure, stability, and glycerol/hydrogen adsorption on Cu, Cu-Zn, and Cu-ZnO clustersSingh R.; Biswas, Prakash; Jha, Prateek K.
2021DFT investigation of self-assembling, light-responsive azobenzene dithiol ligandsSingh R.; Jha, Prateek K.
2012Dynamic self-assembly of photo-switchable nanoparticlesJha, Prateek K.; Kuzovkov V.; Grzybowski B.A.; Olvera De La Cruz M.
2019Effect of size and charge asymmetry on aggregation kinetics of oppositely charged nanoparticlesSingh K.; Raghav A.; Jha, Prateek K.; Satapathi, Soumitra
2011Electrostatic control of nanoscale phase behavior of polyelectrolyte networksJha, Prateek K.; Zwanikken J.W.; De Pablo J.J.; Olvera De La Cruz M.
2020Experiments and modeling of controlled release behavior of commercial and model polymer-drug formulations using dialysis membrane methodRanjan A.; Jha, Prateek K.
2012Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of flow-assisted polymerizationJha, Prateek K.; Kuzovkov V.; Olvera De La Cruz M.
2017Mathematical Models for Controlled Drug Release Through pH-Responsive Polymeric HydrogelsManga R.D.; Jha, Prateek K.
2007Measurement of tack of Newtonian liquids on porous substratesJha, Prateek K.; Tirumkudulu M.S.
2019Mimicking the Dissolution Mechanisms of pH-Responsive Drug Release Formulations in Atomistic MD SimulationsKatiyar R.S.; Jha, Prateek K.
2018Molecular Insights into the Effects of Media-Drug and Carrier-Drug Interactions on pH-Responsive Drug CarriersKatiyar R.S.; Jha, Prateek K.
2018Molecular simulations in drug delivery: Opportunities and challengesKatiyar R.S.; Jha, Prateek K.
2010Nanoscale pattern formation in polyelectrolyte gelsJha, Prateek K.; Solis F.J.; De Pablo J.J.; De La Cruz M.O.