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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010FPGA implementation of an amplitude-modulated continuous-wave ultrasonic ranger using restructured phase-locking schemeSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2008Integrated phase-locking scheme for SDFT-based harmonic analysis of periodic signalsSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2011Phase locking scheme based on look-up-table-assisted sliding discrete Fourier transform for low-frequency power and acoustic signalsSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2010SDFT-based ultrasonic range finder using AM continuous wave and online parameter estimationSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.
2008Sliding DFT based ultrasonic rangerSumathi, Parasuraman; Janakiraman P.A.