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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A study on surface wave dispersion due to the effect of soft layer in layered mediaRoy N.; Jakka R.S.; Wason H.R.
2018An adaptive LQR controller based on PSO and maximum predominant frequency approach for semi-active control scheme using MR damperKumar G.; Kumar A.; Jakka R.S.
2017Assessment of slope stability using multiple regression analysisMarrapu B.M.; Jakka R.S.
2017Critical setback distance for a footing resting on slopesShukla R.P.; Jakka R.S.
2018Critical setback distance for a footing resting on slopes under seismic loadingShukla R.P.; Jakka R.S.
2019Determination and prediction of the ultimate bearing capacity of a strip footing on undrained clayey slopesJakka R.S.; Shukla R.P.
2017Discussion of "experimental and numerical studies of circular footing resting on confined granular subgrade adjacent to slope" by W. R. Azzam and A. Z. ElwakilShukla R.P.; Jakka R.S.
2011Dynamic characterization of settled pond ash using measured shear wave velocity (Vs) and SPT-N values: Correlation between Vs & NJakka R.S.; Ramaiah B.J.; Ramana G.V.
2012Dynamic Properties of Solani Sand Reinforced with Coir FibersKirar B.; Maheshwari B.K.; Jakka R.S.
2010Earthquake source characterization by the isochrone back projection method using near-source ground motionsJakka R.S.; Cochran E.S.; Lawrence J.F.
2019Economical Design of Reinforced Slope Using GeosyntheticsSharma P.; Mouli B.; Jakka R.S.; Sawant V.A.
2020Economical Design of Reinforced Slope Using GeosyntheticsSharma P.; Mouli B.; Jakka R.S.; Sawant V.A.
2018Effect of data uncertainty and inversion non-uniqueness of surface wave tests on VS,30 estimationRoy N.; Jakka R.S.
2020Effect of Edge Distance on Lateral Capacity of Piles in Cohesionless Soil SlopesKranthikumar A.; Jakka R.S.
2018Effect of uncertainty in VS- N correlations on seismic site response analysisRoy N.; Shiuly A.; Sahu R.B.; Jakka R.S.
2015Effects on amplification of strong ground motion due to deep soilsJakka R.S.; Hussain M.; Sharma M.L.
2014Implications of surface wave data measurement uncertainty on seismic ground response analysisJakka R.S.; Roy N.; Wason H.R.
2016Influence of local site conditions on strong ground motion characteristics at Tarai region of Uttarakhand, IndiaPandey B.; Jakka R.S.; Kumar A.
2019Influence of source characteristics on the uncertainties in masw surveyDesai A.S.; Roy N.; Jakka R.S.; Narayan J.P.; Kranthikumar A.; Silvestri F.; Moraci N.
2010Liquefaction behaviour of loose and compacted pond ashJakka R.S.; Datta M.; Ramana G.V.