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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A Control Algorithm for Compensation of Customer-Generated Harmonics and Reactive PowerJain S.K.; Agarwal, Pramod; Gupta H.O.
2005A dedicated microcontroller based fuzzy controlled shunt active power filterJain S.K.; Agarwal, Pramod; Gupta H.O.
2016A Review on Atherosclerotic Biology, Wall Stiffness, Physics of Elasticity, and Its Ultrasound-Based MeasurementPatel A.K.; Suri H.S.; Singh J.; Kumar D.; Shafique S.; Nicolaides A.; Jain S.K.; Saba L.; Gupta A.; Laird J.R.; Giannopoulos A.; Suri J.S.
2010A simple conceptual model of sediment yieldBhunya P.K.; Jain S.K.; Singh P.K.; Mishra, Surendra Kumar
2015Accuracy assessment and trend analysis of MODIS-derived data on snow-covered areas in the Sutlej basin, Western HimalayasMir R.A.; Jain S.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Goswami, Ajanta
2008Accuracy assessment of MODIS, NOAA and IRS data in snow cover mapping under Himalayan conditionsJain S.K.; Goswami, Ajanta; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2009Analysis of coaxial fed dual patch multilayer X/Ku band antenna using artificial neural networksJain S.K.; Sinha S.N.; Patnaik, Amalendu
2015Analysis of current trends in climatic parameters and its effect on discharge of Satluj River basin, western HimalayaMir R.A.; Jain S.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2014Anti-cancer, pharmacokinetic and biodistribution studies of cremophor EL free alternative paclitaxel formulationJain S.K.; Utreja P.; Tiwary A.K.; Mahajan M.; Kumar N.; Roy, Partha
2010Application of meteorological and vegetation indices for evaluation of drought impact: A case study for Rajasthan, IndiaJain S.K.; Keshri R.; Goswami, Ajanta; Sarkar A.
2015Assessment of hydropower potential using spatial technology and SWAT modelling in the Mat River, southern Mizoram, India [Evaluation du potentiel hydroélectrique utilisant la technologie spatiale et le modèle SWAT pour la rivière Mat, dans le sud Mizoram, Inde]Pandey, Ashish; Lalrempuia D.; Jain S.K.
2017Assessment of sedimentation in Pong and Bhakra reservoirs in Himachal Pradesh, India, using geospatial techniqueShukla S.; Jain S.K.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Chandniha S.K.
2010Assessment of snowmelt runoff using remote sensing and effect of climate change on runoffJain S.K.; Goswami, Ajanta; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2015Decline in snowfall in response to temperature in Satluj basin, western HimalayaMir R.A.; Jain S.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Goswami, Ajanta
2013Design of custom-made stacked patch antennas: A machine learning approachJain S.K.; Patnaik, Amalendu; Sinha S.N.
2003Design simulation and experimental investigations on a shunt active power filter for harmonics and reactive power compensationJain S.K.; Agarwal, Pramod; Gupta H.O.
2014Detection of Changes in Glacier Mass Balance Using Satellite and Meteorological Data in Tirungkhad Basin Located in Western HimalayaMir R.A.; Jain S.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Goswami, Ajanta
2019Development and characterization of Solid-SNEDDS formulation of DHA using hydrophilic carrier with improved shelf life, oxidative stability and therapeutic activitySingh H.; Nathani S.; Singh N.; Roy, Partha; Paul S.; Sohal H.S.; Jain S.K.
2007Estimation of erosion rate in a small catchment of Loktak wetland, India, using lead-210 (210Pb) techniqueSingh K.S.; Kumar B.; Khare, Deepak; Jain S.K.
2003Estimation of sediment yield for a rain, snow and glacier fed river in the western Himalayan regionJain S.K.; Singh P.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Seth S.M.