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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A study of misaligned roughened two-lobe hole-entry hybrid journal bearingBasavaraja J.S.; Sharma S.; Jain S.
2004A survey of harmonics: Indian scenarioJain S.; Agarwal P.; Gupta H.O.
2003Aftershock activity of Bhuj earthquake of January 26th, 2001Kumar A.; Gupta S.C.; Jindal A.K.; Jain S.; Vandana
2017Ancient DNA reveals Late Pleistocene existence of ostriches in Indian sub-continentJain S.; Rai N.; Kumar G.; Pruthi P.A.; Thangaraj K.; Bajpai S.; Pruthi V.
2019Audiological Evaluation in Hypothyroid Patients and Effect of Thyroxine Replacement Therapysingh R.; Aftab M.; Jain S.; kumar D.
2012Carrier-based common mode voltage control techniques in three-level diode-clamped inverterChaturvedi P.; Jain S.; Agarwal P.
2014Carrier-based neutral point potential regulator with reduced switching losses for three-level diode-clamped inverterChaturvedi P.; Jain S.; Agarwal P.
2019Characterization and thermal kinetic analysis of pineapple leaf fibers and their reinforcement in epoxyJain J.; Jain S.; Sinha S.
2019Compendious Characterization of Chemically Treated Natural Fiber from Pineapple Leaves for Reinforcement in Polymer CompositesJain J.; Sinha S.; Jain S.
2020Design of FOPID Controller Using BBBC via ZN Tuning Approach: Simulation and Experimental ValidationJain S.; Hote Y.V.
2018Design of fractional PID for Load frequency control via Internal model control and Big bang Big crunch optimizationJain S.; Hote Y.V.
2020Design of generalised active disturbance rejection control for delayed systems: an application to load frequency controlJain S.; Hote Y.V.
2008Determination of land surface temperature and its lapse rate in the Satluj River basin using NOAA dataJain S.; Goswami A.; Saraf A.K.
2019Development and evaluation of a new "Snow Water Index (SWI)" for accurate snow cover delineationDixit A.; Goswami A.; Jain S.
2016Experimental and numerical simulation studies on diesel pool fireSahu D.; Kumar S.; Jain S.; Gupta A.
2019Experimental studies on different liquid pool fires inside the compartmentSahu D.; Jain S.; Gupta A.; Kumar S.
2020Experimental validation of fractional order internal model controller design on buck and boost converterJain S.; Hote Y.V.; Dehuri P.; Mittal D.; Siddhartha V.
2019Fractional order IMC controller via order reduction and CRONE principle for Load frequency controlJain S.; Hote Y.V.
2017Full scale experimental and numerical studies on effect of ventilation in an enclosure diesel pool fireSahu D.; Kumar S.; Jain S.; Gupta A.
2020Generalized Active Disturbance Rejection Controller for Load Frequency Control in Power SystemsJain S.; Hote Y.V.