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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Brief review of flood forecasting techniques and their applicationsJain, Sharad Kumar; Mani P.; Jain, S.K.; Prakash P.; Singh V.P.; Tullos D.; Kumar S.; Agarwal S.P.; Dimri A.P.
2021A perspective on water security in IndiaJain, Sharad Kumar
2009Algorithms for computerized estimation of thiessen weightsPanigrahy N.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Kumar V.; Bhunya P.K.
2021An assessment of water consumption patterns and land productivity and water productivity using WA+ framework and satellite data inputsSingh P.K.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Mishra P.K.; Goel M.K.
2005Analysis of a large inter-basin water transfer system in India [Analyse d'un grand système de transfert d'eau inter-bassins en Inde]Jain, Sharad Kumar; Reddy N.S.R.K.; Chaube U.C.
2010Analysis of long-term rainfall trends in India [Analyse des tendances pluviométriques de long terme en Inde]Kumar V.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Singh Y.
2013Analysis of rainfall and temperature trends in northeast IndiaJain, Sharad Kumar; Kumar V.; Saharia M.
2004Analysis of soil water retention data using artificial neural networksJain, Sharad Kumar; Singh V.P.; van Genuchten M.Th.
1999Application of ANN for reservoir inflow prediction and operationJain, Sharad Kumar; Das A.; Srivastava D.K.
2015Assessment of environmental flow requirements for hydropower projects in IndiaJain, Sharad Kumar
2016Assessment of recent glacier changes and its controlling factors from 1976 to 2011 in Baspa Basin, Western HimalayaMir R.A.; Jain, S.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Thayyen R.J.; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2002Assessment of sediment deposition rate in Bargi Reservoir using digital image processing [Estimation du dépôt sédimentaire dans le réservoir Bargi par traitement d'images numériques]Goel M.K.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Agarwal P.K.
2015Attenuation of coda waves in the Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, IndiaJain, Sharad Kumar; Gupta, Subhash Chander; Kumar A.
2013Basin perspectives on the Water-Energy-Food Security NexusLawford R.; Bogardi J.; Marx S.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Wostl C.P.; Knüppe K.; Ringler C.; Lansigan F.; Meza F.
2002Closure to "Development of integrated sediment rating curves using Anns" by Sharad Kumar JainJain, Sharad Kumar
2005Comparing the stream re-aeration coefficient estimated from ANN and empirical modelsJain, Sharad Kumar; Jha R.
2020Developing Operation Procedures for Individual Reservoirs in a Large Multistate River Basin in Context of Tribunal AwardsGoel M.K.; Jain, Sharad Kumar; Rani D.; Subrahmanyam G.V.; Visweswararao M.
2008Development of integrated discharge and sediment rating relation using a compound neural networkJain, Sharad Kumar
2001Development of integrated sediment rating curves using ANNSJain, Sharad Kumar
2006Development of optimal and physically realizable unit hydrographJain, Sharad Kumar; Singh V.P.; Bhunya P.K.