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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Enhanced field emission from multi-walled carbon nanotubes grown on pure copper substrateLahiri, Indranil; Seelaboyina R.; Hwang J.Y.; Banerjee R.; Choi W.
2010High capacity and excellent stability of lithium ion battery anode using interface-controlled binder-free multiwall carbon nanotubes grown on copperLahiri, Indranil; Oh S.-W.; Hwang J.Y.; Cho S.; Sun Y.-K.; Banerjee R.; Choi W.
2011Synthesis and characterization of self-organized multilayered graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid filmsDas S.; Seelaboyina R.; Verma V.; Lahiri, Indranil; Hwang J.Y.; Banerjee R.; Choi W.
2011Ultrathin alumina-coated carbon nanotubes as an anode for high capacity Li-ion batteriesLahiri, Indranil; Oh S.-M.; Hwang J.Y.; Kang C.; Choi M.; Jeon H.; Banerjee R.; Sun Y.-K.; Choi W.