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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Enhancement of Model Reliability by Integrating Prediction Interval Optimization into Hydrogeological ModelingKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; He J.; Tay J.-H.; Sudheer K.P.
2017Flood frequency analysis using multi-objective optimization based interval estimation approachKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; He J.; Tay J.-H.
2016Potential application of wavelet neural network ensemble to forecast streamflow for flood managementKasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; He J.; Sudheer K.P.; Tay J.-H.
2019Social-Media aided Hyperlocal Help-Network Matching Routing during EmergenciesKumar, Dheeraj Satheesh; Yabe T.; Ukkusuri Lyles S.V.; Song Y.; Liu B.; Lee K.; Abe N.; Pu C.; Qiao M.; Ahmed N.; Kossmann D.; Saltz J.; Tang J.; He J.; Liu H.; Hu X.
2020Stationary hydrological frequency analysis coupled with uncertainty assessment under nonstationary scenariosVidrio-SahagĂșn C.T.; He J.; Kasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; Sen S.
2020Trends and non-stationarity in groundwater level changes in rapidly developing Indian citiesMohanavelu A.; Kasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.; Mohanasundaram S.; Ilampooranan, Idhayachandhiran; He J.; Pingale S.M.; Soundharajan B.-S.; Mohaideen M.M.D.
2020Uncertainty quantification using the particle filter for non-stationary hydrological frequency analysisSen S.; He J.; Kasiviswanathan, Kasiapillai S.