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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Survey on Various Coherent and Non-coherent IR-UWB ReceiversHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul
2020Bit error probability analysis of IR-UWB ED-OOK system using cooperative dual-hop DTF strategyHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul
2016Bit error rate performance of IR-UWB ED-PPM system using cooperative dual-hop AF strategyHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul
2014Cooperative impulse radio ultra-wideband communication using coherent and non-coherent detectors: A reviewHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul
2017Performance analysis of impulse-radio ultra-wideband energy detector system using cooperative dual-hop amplify and forward strategyHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul
2014Performance analysis of IR-UWB TR receiver using cooperative dual hop AF strategyHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul; Mukherjea S.; Krishnaswamy D.; Mueller P.; Comer D.E.; Mallick B.; Sikora A.; Thampi S.M.
2013Performance analysis of non-coherent IR-UWB receiversHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul
2013Performance analysis of TR, ATR and DTR receivers in IR-UWB communication systemHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul; Mukherjee S.
2013Performance comparison of non-coherent IR-UWB receiversHazra R.; Tyagi, Anshul