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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Comparative molecular dynamics simulation studies for determining factors contributing to the thermostability of chemotaxis protein "cheY"Paul M.; Hazra M.; Barman A.; Hazra S.
2016Effect of site-directed mutagenesis at the GGEEF domain of the biofilm forming GGEEF protein from Vibrio choleraeChouhan O.P.; Bandekar D.; Hazra M.; Baghudana A.; Hazra S.; Biswas S.
2018PI3Kα-regulated gelsolin activity is a critical determinant of cardiac cytoskeletal remodeling and heart diseasePatel V.B.; Zhabyeyev P.; Chen X.; Wang F.; Paul M.; Fan D.; McLean B.A.; Basu R.; Zhang P.; Shah S.; Dawson J.F.; Pyle W.G.; Hazra M.; Kassiri Z.; Hazra S.; Vanhaesebroeck B.; McCulloch C.A.; Oudit G.Y.
2017Putative protein VC0395_0300 from Vibrio cholerae is a diguanylate cyclase with a role in biofilm formationBandekar D.; Chouhan O.P.; Mohapatra S.; Hazra M.; Hazra S.; Biswas S.