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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A comparative study on vermifiltration using epigeic earthworm Eisenia fetida and Eudrilus eugeniaeKumar T.; Rajpal A.; Arora S.; Bhargava R.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Kazmi, Absar Ahmad
2007A finite element numerical model for unsaturated flow in layered soilsHari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Abdul Hussain I.A.; Singh J.
2007A finite volume model for the solution of the advection-dispersion equationRatha D.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2000A priori identifiability of unsaturated soil parametersGhidaoui M.S.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.
2010A variably saturated numerical model for seepage and stability analyses of an embankment dam with a central coreHari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha C.S.P.; Siddappa G.; Hussain I.A.A.
2009Analysis of virus transport in groundwater and identification of transport parametersRatha D.N.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.P.
2016Classification of LISS IV imagery using decision tree methodsVerma A.K.; Garg, Pradeep Kumar; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Dadhwal V.K.
2009Crop coefficient calibration of maize and indian mustard in a semi-arid regionShankar V.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2018Deep percolation under irrigated water-intensive cropsHatiye S.D.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha C.S.P.
2016Development of ANFIS models for air quality forecasting and input optimization for reducing the computational cost and timeHari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Gorai A.K.; Goyal P.
2015Effect of fine sediments on river hydraulics - A research reviewKarna N.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Giri S.; Lodhi A.S.
2013Effect of hydraulic conductivity on soil moisture uptake under saline conditions for wheat cropDevatha C.P.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Thalla A.K.
2016Effect of infiltration on sediment transport in irrigated channelsRohilla K.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2021Effect of Salinity on Moisture Flow and Root Water Uptake in Sandy Loam SoilKumar S.; Sonkar I.; Gupta V.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.;; Ojha, C. S. P.
2016Estimation and characterization of deep percolation from rice and berseem fields using lysimeter experiments on sandy loam soilHatiye S.D.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.; Adeloye A.J.
2012Estimation of Border-Strip Soil Hydraulic ParametersRam S.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Gairola A.; Jose M.K.; Trivedi M.K.
2018Estimation of non-linear root water uptake parameter using genetic algorithmsSonkar I.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha, C. S. P.
2010Estimation of unconfined aquifer parameters by genetic algorithmsRajesh M.; Kashyap D.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.
2010Estimation of unsaturated hydraulic parameters from infiltration and internal drainage experimentsHari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Ojha C.S.P.; Chandramouli P.N.; Madramootoo C.A.
2003Estimation of unsaturated soil parameters: Effect of data errors and choice of objective functionHari Prasad, Kanchan S.; Trivedi M.K.; Agrawal K.K.