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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Continuously cooled ultrafine bainitic steel with excellent strength-elongation combinationDas, Sourav; Haldar A.
2013Design and development of precipitate strengthened advanced high strength steel for automotive applicationJha G.; Das, Sourav; Sinha S.; Lodh A.; Haldar A.
2011Development and characterisation of C-Mn-Al-Si-Nb TRIP aided steelBhattacharyya T.; Singh S.B.; Das, Sourav; Haldar A.; Bhattacharjee D.
2012Development of continuously cooled high strength bainitic steel through microstructural engineering at Tata SteelDas, Sourav; Kundu S.; Haldar A.
2012Development of hot rolled steel sheet with 600MPa UTS for automotive wheel applicationJha G.; Das, Sourav; Lodh A.; Haldar A.
2013Development of multiphase microstructure with bainite, martensite, and retained austenite in a Co-containing steel through quenching and partitioning (Q&P) treatmentSamanta S.; Das, Sourav; Chakrabarti D.; Samajdar I.; Singh S.B.; Haldar A.
2014Formation of fully pearlitic microstructure in medium carbon steelDas, Sourav; Haldar A.
2017Hot-rolled and continuously cooled bainitic steel with good strength–elongation combinationDas, Sourav; Sinha S.; Lodh A.; Chintha A.R.; Krugla M.; Haldar A.
2017Mechanical properties of a bainitic steel producible by hot rollingRana R.; Chen S.; Haldar A.; Das, Sourav
2019Medium carbon fully pearlitic steel: microstructures and properties after wire drawingDas, Sourav; Bradley P.; Haldar A.