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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-17 Regional and Global Environmental Issues of Air PollutionLT Molina; Gurjar B.R.
2014Atm spheric Pollution ResearchAS Nagpure; Gurjar B.R.; J Martel
2017Closure to “Potential Assessment of Neural Network and Decision Tree Algorithms for Forecasting Ambient PM 2.5 and CO Concentrations: Case StudyChandrrasekar; Gurjar B.R.; Ojha C.S.P.; Goyal M.K.
2004Critical review supplement: Air quality in selected megacitiesLuisa T Molina; Mario J Molina; R Slott; Charles E Kolb; Philip K Gbor; Fan Meng; R Singh; Oscar Galvez; James J Sloan; W Anderson; XY Tang; M Shao; T Zhu; YH Zhang; M Hu; Gurjar B.R.; P Artaxo; P Oyola; E Gramsch; P Hidalgo; A Gertler
2020Dispersion modelling of air pollutants in a hilly city in IndiaRanjav Ganguly; Divyansh Sharma; Prashant Kumar; Gurjar B.R.
1998Impact assessment and mitigation strategy for air quality change due to thermal power plants: A case studyN Mohan; TS Panwar; Gurjar B.R.
2008Impact of altitude on emissions of ozone precursors from vehiclesAS Nagpure; Gurjar B.R.; Kumar P.
2019Indian megacities as localities of environmental vulnerability from air quality perspectiveGurjar B.R.; Nagpure A.S.
2019Parametric Evaluation of Leachate Generated from a Non-engineered Landfill Site and Its Contamination Potential of Surrounding Soil and Water BodiesR Ganguly; D Sharma; A Sharma; AK Gupta; Gurjar B.R.
2010Pollutant emissions from road vehicles in megacity Kolkata, India: past and present trendsAK Nagpure; Gurjar B.R.; N Sahni; Kumar P.
2019Ultrafine Particles in Concern of Vehicular Exhaust—An OverviewSK Yadav; RK Mishra; Gurjar B.R.
2012Urban heat island assessment for a tropical urban airshed in IndiaM Mohan; Y Kikegawa; Gurjar B.R.; S Bhati; A Kandya; K Ogawa
2018Water pollution, human health and remediationK Jayaswal; V Sahu; Gurjar B.R.