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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A new perspective of probing the level of pollution in the megacity Delhi affected by crop residue burning using the triple oxygen isotope technique in atmospheric CO2Laskar A.H.; Maurya, Abhayanand Singh; Singh V.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Liang M.-C.
2019A novel approach using low-cost Citrus limetta waste for mixotrophic cultivation of oleaginous microalgae to augment automotive quality biodiesel productionKatiyar R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Kumar A.; Bharti R.K.; Biswas S.; Pruthi V.
2004A risk-based model to establish threshold planning quantities of hazardous substancesMohan M.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2021Aerosol number concentrations and new particle formation events over a polluted megacity during the COVID-19 lockdownYadav S.K.; Kompalli S.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Mishra R.K.
2016Air pollution trends over Indian megacities and their local-to-global implicationsGurjar, Bhola Ram; Ravindra K.; Nagpure A.S.
2004Air quality in selected megacitiesMolina L.T.; Molina M.J.; Slott R.S.; Kolb C.E.; Gbor P.K.; Meng F.; Singh R.B.; Galvez O.; Sloan J.J.; Anderson W.P.; Tang X.; Hu M.; Xie S.; Shao M.; Zhu T.; Zhang Y.H.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Artaxo P.E.; Oyola P.; Gramsch E.; Hidalgo D.Ge.
2021An integrated approach for phycoremediation of municipal wastewater and production of sustainable transportation fuel using oleaginous Chlorella sp.Katiyar R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Kumar A.; Bharti R.K.
2013Assessment of an accidental vapour cloud explosion: Lessons from the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. accident at Jaipur, IndiaSharma R.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Wate S.R.; Ghuge S.P.; Agrawal, Rajat
2020Assessment of failure and consequences analysis of an accident: A case studySharma R.K.; Gopalaswami N.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Agrawal, Rajat
2018Assessment of GHG mitigation and CDM technology in urban transport sector of Chandigarh, IndiaBhargava N.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Mor S.; Ravindra K.
2013Assessment of urban heat island effect for different land use-land cover from micrometeorological measurements and remote sensing data for megacity DelhiMohan M.; Kikegawa Y.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Bhati S.; Kolli N.R.
2015Automation of emergency response for petroleum oil storage terminalsSharma R.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Singhal A.V.; Wate S.R.; Ghuge S.P.; Agrawal, Rajat
2017Biofuels and their production through different catalytic routesBiswas S.; Katiyar R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Pruthi V.
2020Characterization of dye-decolorizing peroxidase from Bacillus subtilisDhankhar P.; Dalal V.; Mahto J.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Tomar, Shailly; Sharma, Ashwani Kumar; Kumar, Pravindra R.Manish
2018Closure of municipal solid waste dumps. Site rating for odor impactKumar A.; Datta M.; Nema A.K.; Singh R.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2021Contribution of different source sectors and source regions of Indo-Gangetic Plain in india to PM2.5 pollution and its short-term health impacts during peak polluted winterJat R.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2009Corporate responses to the CDM: The Indian pulp and paper industrySchneider M.; Hoffmann V.H.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2012Development and evaluation of vehicular air pollution inventory modelNagpure A.S.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2021Dispersion Modeling of Air Pollutants in a Hilly City in IndiaGanguly R.; Sharma D.; Kumar P.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram
2021Emission estimates and inventories of non-methane volatile organic compounds from anthropogenic burning sources in IndiaStewart G.J.; Nelson B.S.; Acton W.J.F.; Vaughan A.R.; Hopkins J.R.; Yunus S.S.M.; Hewitt C.N.; Wild O.; Nemitz E.; Gadi R.; Sahu L.K.; Mandal T.K.; Gurjar, Bhola Ram; Rickard A.R.; Lee J.D.; Hamilton J.F.