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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Class of Charged Relativistic Superdense Star ModelsMaurya S.K.; Gupta Y.K.; Pratibha,
2012A Class of Well Behaved Charged Analogues of Schwarzchild's Interior SolutionGupta Y.K.; Kumar J.; Pratibha,
2011A new class of charged analogues of Vaidya-Tikekar type super-dense starGupta Y.K.; Pratibha,; Kumar J.
2011Antifungal activity of plumericin and isoplumericinSingh D.; Sharma U.; Kumar P.; Gupta Y.K.; Dobhal M.P.; Singh S.
2010Charged analogue of Whittaker's interior solutionGupta Y.K.; Gupta S.; Pratibha,
2011Charged Analogues of Henning Knutsen Type Solutions in General RelativityGupta Y.K.; Kumar S.; Pratibha,
2010Invariant solutions of Einstein field equation for nonconformally flat fluid spheres of embedding class oneKumar S.; Pratibha,; Gupta Y.K.
2011Regular and well-behaved relativistic charged superdense star modelsMaurya S.K.; Gupta Y.K.; Pratibha,
2010Similarity solutions for relativistic accelerating fluid plates of embedding class one using symbolic computationGupta Y.K.; Pratibha,; Jasim M.K.
2010Some nonconformal accelerating perfect fluid plates of embedding class 1 using similarity transformationsGupta Y.K.; Pratibha,; Kumar S.