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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A comprehensive review on synthesis and applications of single crystal perovskite halidesArya S.; Mahajan P.; Gupta R.; Srivastava R.; Tailor N.K.; Satapathi, Soumitra; Sumathi R.R.; Datt R.; Gupta V.
2015A Novel Technique to Measure the Rolling Resistance of Tyres Using Force TransducerGupta V.; Saran, V. Huzur; Sharma S.C.
2013A q-analogue of modified beta operatorsGupta V.; Agrawal P.N.; Verma D.K.
2020An assessment of global satellite-based precipitation datasets in capturing precipitation extremes: A comparison with observed precipitation dataset in IndiaGupta V.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Singh P.K.; Singh V.
2013Analyzing rainfall effects for sustainable rainfed maize productivity in foothills of Northwest HimalayasSharma A.; Sankar G.R.M.; Arora S.; Gupta V.; Singh B.; Kumar J.; Mishra P.K.
2020Antibacterial properties and in vivo efficacy of a novel nitrofuran, IITR06144, against MDR pathogensBhando T.; Bhattacharyya T.; Gaurav A.; Akhter J.; Saini M.; Gupta V.K.; Srivastava S.K.; Sen H.; Navani, Naveen Kumar; Gupta V.; Biswas D.; Chaudhry R.; Pathania, R.
2012Approximation by complex Baskakov-Stancu operators in compact disksGal S.G.; Gupta V.; Verma D.K.; Agrawal P.N.
2020Approximation by modified paltanea operatorsGupta V.; Agrawal P.N.
2018Approximation with certain genuine hybrid operatorsGupta V.; Rassias T.M.; Agrawal P.N.; Goyal M.
2020Assessment of precipitation extremes in India during the 21st century under SSP1-1.9 mitigation scenarios of CMIP6 GCMsGupta V.; Singh V.; Jain, Manoj Kumar
2020Controllability of Semilinear Control Systems with Fixed Delay in StateHaq A.; Sukavanam, Nagarajan; Deo N.; Gupta V.; Acu A.M.; Agrawal P.N.
2019Decentralised and distributed system for organ/tissue donation and transplantationRanjan P.; Srivastava S.; Gupta V.; Tapaswi S.; Kumar, Neetesh Sharath
2020Degree of Approximation by Generalized Boolean Sum of λ-Bernstein OperatorsChauhan R.; Agrawal P.N.; Deo N.; Gupta V.; Acu A.M.; Agrawal P.N.
1998Deletion of transmembrane domain 12 of CDR1, a multidrug transporter from Candida albicans, leads to altered drug specificity: Expression of a yeast multidrug transporter in baculovirus expression systemKrishnamurthy S.; Chatterjee U.; Gupta V.; Prasad, Ramasare A.; Das P.; Snehlata P.; Hasnain S.E.; Prasad R.
2021Development and characterization of PVA-starch incorporated with coconut shell extract and sepiolite clay as an antioxidant film for active food packaging applicationsTanwar R.; Gupta V.; Kumar P.; Kumar A.; Singh S.; Gaikwad, Kirtiraj K.
2014Effect of different weed management practices in urdbean (Vigna Mungo L. Hepper) under sub-tropical rainfed conditions of Jammu, IndiaGupta V.; Singh M.; Kumar A.; Sharma B.C.; Kher D.
2013Effect of Joint Strength Parameters on Stability of Rock SlopeSaini J.S.; Maheshwari B.K.; Gupta V.
2021Effect of Salinity on Moisture Flow and Root Water Uptake in Sandy Loam SoilKumar S.; Sonkar I.; Gupta V.; Hari Prasad, Kanchan S.;; Ojha, C. S. P.
2014Effects of integrated nutrient management on growth and yield of maize (Zea mays L.) - Gobhi sarson (Brassica napus L.) cropping system in sub-tropical region under foothills of north-west HimalayasGupta V.; Sharma A.; Kumar J.; Abrol V.; Singh B.; Singh M.
2015Electrochemical treatment of actual sugar industry wastewater using aluminum electrodeSahu O.P.; Gupta V.; Chaudhari P.K.; Srivastava, Vimal Chandra