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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20145'-guanosine monophosphate mediated biocompatible porous hydrogel of β-feOOH-viscoelastic behavior, loading, and release capabilities of freeze-dried gelKumar A.; Gupta S.K.
2019A fuzzy multiple objective nonlinear optimization problem and its duality resultsGupta S.K.; Dangar D.; Ahmad I.; Al-Homidan S.
2011A note on higher-order nondifferentiable symmetric duality in multiobjective programmingAgarwal R.P.; Ahmad I.; Gupta S.K.
2007A note on mond-weir type second-order symmetric dualityGulati T.R.; Gupta S.K.
2010A note on multiobjective second-order symmetric dualityGupta S.K.; Kailey N.
2016A note on strong duality theorem for a multiobjective higher order nondifferentiable symmetric dual programsDebnath I.P.; Gupta S.K.; Ahmad I.
2007Developing operation policy for on-farm reservoirGupta S.K.; Singh K.K.; Ojha C.S.P.
2014Duality for a class of fuzzy nonlinear optimization problem under generalized convexityGupta S.K.; Dangar D.
2013Duality for a class of symmetric nondifferentiable multiobjective fractional variational problems with generalized (F, α, Ï , d)-convexityKailey N.; Gupta S.K.
2015Duality for a nondifferentiable multiobjective second-order fractional programming problem involving (F, α, Ï , d)—V-type-I functionsDubey R.; Gupta S.K.; Srivastava H.M.; Agrawal P.N.; Singh U.; Mohapatra R.N.
2014Duality for mixed second-order programs with multiple argumentsKailey N.; Gupta S.K.
2012Duality for nondifferentiable multiobjective higher-order symmetric programs over cones involving generalized (F, α, Ï , d)-convexityGupta S.K.; Kailey N.; Kumar S.
2012Duality for second-order symmetric multiobjective programming with cone constraintsGupta S.K.; Dangar D.
2011Duality in nondifferentiable minimax fractional programming with B-(p, r)-invexityAhmad I.; Gupta S.K.; Kailey N.; Agarwal R.P.
2018Duality in nonlinear programming problems under fuzzy environment with exponential membership functionsGupta S.K.; Dangar D.; Ahmad I.; Al-Homidan S.
2017Efficiency and duality for a vector of quotients of curvilinear functionals on the first-order jet bundleDebnath I.P.; Gupta S.K.
2019Exponential membership function and duality gaps for i-fuzzy linear programming problemsDebnath I.P.; Gupta S.K.
2013Fabrication and characterization of scaffold from cadaver goat-lung tissue for skin tissue engineering applicationsGupta S.K.; Dinda A.K.; Potdar P.D.; Mishra N.C.
2015Generalized multiobjective symmetric duality under second-order (F, α, Ï , d)-convexityGupta S.K.; Dangar D.
2011Generalized second-order mixed symmetric duality in nondifferentiable mathematical programmingAhmad I.; Agarwal R.P.; Gupta S.K.; Kailey N.