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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A Landsat TM based comparative study of surface and subsurface fires in the Jharia coalfield, IndiaPrakash A.; Gupta R.P.; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2011Analysis of seepage from a pondMishra G.C.; Saha A.; Kansal, Mitthan Lal; Gupta R.P.
1994Cover IRS detection of surface effects of the Uttarkashi earthquake of 20 October 1991, HimalayaGupta R.P.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Saxena P.; Chander R.
1998Discrimination of areas susceptible to earthquake-induced liquefaction from Landsat dataGupta R.P.; Saraf, Arun Kumar; Chander R.
1995Estimating the depth of buried hot features from thermal IR remote sensing data: A conceptual approachPrakash A.; Sastry R.G.; Gupta R.P.; Saraf, Arun Kumar
1996GIS-predicted isoseismal map of the Garhwal-Himalayas, IndiaSaraf, Arun Kumar; Agarwal B.; Singh V.N.; Sundaram R.M.; Gupta R.P.
1988Imprints of the Ninety-East Ridge in the Shillong Plateau, Indian ShieldGupta R.P.; Sen A.K.
1995Landsat-tm data for estimating ground temperature and depth of subsurface coal fire in the jharia coalfield, indiaSaraf, Arun Kumar; Prakash A.; Sengupta S.; Gupta R.P.
1995Remote sensing delineation of zones susceptible to seismically induced liquefaction in the Ganga plainsGupta R.P.; Chander R.; Tewari A.K.; Saraf, Arun Kumar
2007Using ASTER TIR radiance and surface emissivity data to map lithology and silica abundance in a metamorphic terrainMisra A.; Gupta R.P.; Sen A.K.