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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A fully integrated CMOS broad band power amplifier using a low-Q matching strategyBhattacharya R.; Gupta R.; Basu A.; Rawat K.; Koul S.K.
2014A fully integrated dual-band CMOS power amplifier using a variable switched interstage matching networkBhattacharya R.; Gupta R.; Basu A.; Rawat K.; Koul S.K.
2019A review paper: Emerging conversions of food-agro waste into building & construction materialKumar A.; Agrawal A.; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2019A study on roof design strategies for energy conservation in indian buildingsSadevi K.K.; Agrawal A.; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2019Adaptive thermal comfort for naturally ventilated buildings through building envelope retrofittingSharma A.; Chani P.S.; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2019Anticancer activity of plant leaves extract collected from a tribal region of IndiaKumar G.; Gupta R.; Sharan S.; Roy P.; Pandey D.M.
2012Antioxidant activity and protection of pancreatic β-cells by embelin in streptozotocin-induced diabetesGupta R.; Sharma A.K.; Sharma M.C.; Gupta R.S.
2014Availability analysis of repairable redundant system with three types of failures subject to common cause failureJain M.; Gupta R.
2017Co(II)-porphyrin-decorated carbon nanotubes as catalysts for oxygen reduction reactions: An approach for fuel cell improvementSonkar P.K.; Prakash K.; Yadav M.; Ganesan V.; Sankar M.; Gupta R.; Yadav D.K.
2018Cross-buoyancy mixed convection from a heated cylinder placed asymmetrically in a channelDhiman A.; Gupta R.; Baranyi L.
2015Design and characteristics of negative dispersion of two layered five ring photonic crystal fiberShahiruddin; Singh V.; Jayaswal P.; Khaklari R.; Singh D.K.; Gupta R.; Karwal V.
2018Effect of high power ultrasound on mechanical properties of Al-Si alloysSrivastava N.; Gupta R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2018Effect of in-situ formed Al3Ti particles on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 6061 Al alloyGupta R.; Chaudhari G.P.; Daniel B.S.S.
2016Effect of seasonal spectral variations on performance of three different photovoltaic technologies in IndiaMagare D.B.; Sastry O.S.; Gupta R.; Betts T.R.; Gottschalg R.; Kumar A.; Bora B.; Singh Y.K.
2018Electrochemical sensing of rifampicin in pharmaceutical samples using meso-tetrakis(4-hydroxyphenyl)porphyrinato cobalt(II) anchored carbon nanotubesSonkar P.K.; Yadav M.; Prakash K.; Ganesan V.; Sankar M.; Yadav D.K.; Gupta R.
2012Evaluation of antidiabetic and antioxidant potential of lupeol in experimental hyperglycaemiaGupta R.; Sharma A.K.; Sharma M.C.; Dobhal M.P.; Gupta R.S.
2019Genesis of stupasJaiswal S.; Agrawal A.; Raman G.; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2019IGBC green campus rating system: An initiative to sustainable campuses in IndiaParvez N.; Agrawal A.; Agrawal A.; Gupta R.
2016Impact of internal loads and operational strategies on comfort and energy consumption: An application in the composite climate of IndiaGupta R.; Jain K.; Rajasekar E.; Nicol F.; Roaf S.; Brotas L.; Humphreys M.A.
2018Impression creep behaviour of in-situ Al3Ti reinforced Al alloy composite fabricated by salt-melt reaction techniqueGupta R.; Daniel B.S.S.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.