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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A MATLAB based 3D modeling and inversion code for MT dataSingh A.; Dehiya R.; Gupta P.K.; Israil M.
2016A new method for proportioning recycled concreteGupta P.K.; Khaudhair Z.A.; Ahuja A.K.
2018A study of development mode of collapse with variation of strains and stresses during compression of metallic shells having dome-cone shapeGupta P.K.; Gupta N.K.
2014A study of different modes of collapse in metallic hemispherical shells resting on flat platen and compressed with hemispherical nosed indenterGupta P.K.; Gupta N.K.
2017A Study on Analysis of Collapse of Metallic Shells having Dome-cone ShapeGupta P.K.; Gupt N.K.; Iqba M.A.
2018A study on mechanics of collapse of combined geometry metallic shellsGupta P.K.; Sahu R.R.
2019An Objective Criterion for Selection of the Best Option in Hansen’s Method for Paleostress Estimation from Homogeneous Fault-Slip DataBhatnagar K.; Srivastava D.C.; Gupta P.K.
2019Assessment of LNAPL in Subsurface under Fluctuating Groundwater Table Using 2D Sand Tank ExperimentsGupta P.K.; Yadav B.; Yadav B.K.
2015Ballistic performance and energy absorption characteristics of thin aluminium platesIqbal M.A.; Tiwari G.; Gupta P.K.; Bhargava P.
2015Blast diffusion by different shapes of domesSahu R.R.; Gupta P.K.
2014Computational study on performance of circular concrete filled steel tubular columnsGupta P.K.; Khaudhair Z.A.; Ahuja A.K.
2015Developments on electrochemical discharge machining: A review of experimental investigations on tool electrode process parametersGupta P.K.; Dvivedi A.; Kumar P.
2007Direct determination of aquifer configuration using geoelectrical techniques in a piedmont zone, Himalayan foothills region, IndiaIsrail M.; Sudha K.; Singhal D.C.; Gupta P.K.; Shimeles S.; Sharma V.K.
2017Discerning shifting irrigation practices from passive microwave radiometry over Punjab and HaryanaSingh D.; Gupta P.K.; Pradhan R.; Dubey A.K.; Singh R.P.
2013Effect of configuration and target span on the ballistic resistanceGupta P.K.; Iqbal M.A.; Tiwari G.; Gupta N.K.
2017Effect of Different Photovoltaic Materials on Energetic and Exergetic Performance of Photovoltaic Thermal ArraysRajoria C.S.; Gupta P.K.; Agrawal S.; Tiwari G.N.; Singh D.; Yuan H.L.; Agarwal R.K.; Tandon P.; Wang E.X.
2015Effect of electrolytes on quality characteristics of glass during ECDMGupta P.K.; Dvivedi A.; Kumar P.
2016Effect of Pulse Duration on Quality Characteristics of Blind Hole Drilled in Glass by ECDMGupta P.K.; Dvivedi A.; Kumar P.
2012Effect of target span and configuration on the ballistic limitIqbal M.A.; Gupta P.K.; Deore V.S.; Tak S.K.; Tiwari G.; Gupta N.K.
2015Effect of tube area on the behavior of concrete filled tubular columnsGupta P.K.; Verma V.K.; Khaudhair Z.A.; Singh H.