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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A digital signal processor based performance evaluation of three-phase four-wire shunt active filter for harmonic elimination, reactive power compensation, and balancing of non-linear loads under non-ideal mains voltagesGupta N.; Singh, Sajjanpal; Bansal R.C.
2017A highly selective chromogenic sensor for Mn2 +, turn-off fluorometric for Hg2 + ion, and turn-on fluorogenic sensor for F− ion with the practical applicationGupta N.; Singhal D.; Singh A.K.; Singh N.; Singh U.P.
2019Activity of buoyancy convection and entropy generation in a parallelogrammic shaped mixed displacement ventilated systemGupta N.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar
2012Adsorption of cyanide ion on pressmud surface: A modeling approachGupta N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2013Adsorptive treatment of cyanide-bearing wastewater: a prospect for sugar industry wasteGupta N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2013Antikaons and higher order couplings in the relativistic mean-field study of neutron starsGupta N.; Arumugam, Paramasivan
2013Antikaons in neutron star studied with recent versions of relativistic mean-field modelsGupta N.; Arumugam, Paramasivan
2012Antikaons in the extended relativistic mean-field models for neutron starGupta N.; Arumugam, Paramasivan
2011Characterization of pressmud: A sugar industry wasteGupta N.; Tripathi S.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit
2018Conjugate heat and species transport in an air filled ventilated enclosure with a thermo-contaminated blockGupta N.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar; Malik S.
2011Design of hybrid active power filter to improve power quality in three-phase electrical distribution systemsGupta N.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2010DSP based control algorithm for three-phase four-wire shunt active filter without load and filter current measurementGupta N.; Dubey S.P.; Singh, Sajjanpal
2004E-governance for poverty alleviation with special reference to Uttar Pradesh-a state in India.Pathak R.D.; Sharma V.; Husain Z; Gupta N.
2021Effects of Elevated Temperatures on the Microstructural, Physico-Mechanical and Elastic Properties of Barakar Sandstone: A Study from One of the World’s Largest Underground Coalmine Fire Region, Jharia, IndiaTripathi A.; Gupta N.; Singh A.K.; Mohanty S.P.; Rai, Nachiketa; Pain A.
2018Effects of heat-induced pollutants due to thermosolutal exchanger in ventilation systemGupta N.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar
2010Enzymatic mechanism and biochemistry for cyanide degradation: A reviewGupta N.; Balomajumder, Chandrajit; Agarwal, Vijaykumar
2010Evidence of antimagnetic rotation in odd-A Cd105Choudhury D.; Jain A.K.; Patial M.; Gupta N.; Arumugam, Paramasivan; Dhal A.; Sinha R.K.; Chaturvedi L.; Joshi P.K.; Trivedi T.; Palit R.; Kumar S.; Garg R.; Mandal S.; Negi D.; Mohanto G.; Muralithar S.; Singh R.P.; Madhavan N.; Bhowmik R.K.; P
2020Fatigue life assessment of concrete members under variable amplitude loading: An analytical approachRay, Sonalisa; Jeshna C.C.; Gupta N.
2017Fluid flow, heat and contaminant transport in a ventilated enclosure due to the presence of thermosolutal bodyGupta N.; Nayak, Ameeya Kumar
2017 Fluid Substitution in Anisotropic CarbonatesGupta N.; Sharma R.