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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A 2D graphical representation of protein sequence and their similarity analysis with probabilistic methodGupta M.K.; Niyogi R.; Misra M.
2013A framework for alignment-free methods to perform similarity analysis of biological sequenceGupta M.K.; Niyogi R.; Misra M.
2013A new adjacent pair 2D graphical representation of DNA sequencesGupta M.K.; Niyogi R.; Misra M.
2019A novel approach to recognize interacting features for manufacturability evaluation of prismatic parts with orthogonal featuresGupta M.K.; Swain A.K.; Jain P.K.
2013An alignment-free method to find similarity among protein sequences via the general form of Chou's pseudo amino acid compositionGupta M.K.; Niyogi R.; Misra M.
2012An experimental analysis of phylogenetic trees based on topological scoreGupta M.K.; Niyogi R.; Misra M.
2008An experimental study of dissolution kinetics of Calcite, Dolomite, Leucogranite and Gneiss in buffered solutions at temperature 25 and 5°CYadav S.K.; Chakrapani G.J.; Gupta M.K.
2019Development of a nanocomposite scaffold of gelatin–alginate–graphene oxide for bone tissue engineeringPurohit S.D.; Bhaskar R.; Singh H.; Yadav I.; Gupta M.K.; Mishra N.C.
2007Liquefaction potential evaluation for a siteMittal S.; Gupta M.K.