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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An efficient analytical solution to thwart DDoS attacks in public domainGupta B.B.; Joshi R.C.; Misra, Manoj
2012ANN based scheme to predict number of zombies in a DDoS attackGupta B.B.; Joshi R.C.; Misra, Manoj
2009Defending against distributed denial of service attacks: Issues and challengesGupta B.B.; Joshi R.C.; Misra, Manoj
2011Estimating strength of a DDoS attack using multiple regression analysisGupta B.B.; Agrawal P.K.; Joshi R.C.; Misra, Manoj
2008FVBA: A combined statistical approach for low rate degrading and high bandwidth disruptive DDoS attacks detection in ISP domainGupta B.B.; Misra, Manoj; Joshi R.C.
2011Predicting number of zombies in a DDoS attack using ANN based schemeGupta B.B.; Joshi R.C.; Misra, Manoj; Jain A.; Juyal S.; Prabhakar R.; Singh A.K.
2019Updated inventory, evolutionary and expression analyses of G (PDR) type ABC transporter genes of riceGupta B.B.; Selter L.L.; Baranwal V.K.; Arora D.; Mishra S.K.; Sirohi P.; Poonia A.K.; Chaudhary R.; Kumar R.; Krattinger S.G.; Chauhan, Harsh