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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accounting for temporal variability for improved precipitation regionalization based on self-organizing map coupled with information theoryGuntu R.K.; Maheswaran R.; Agarwal, Ankit; Singh V.P.
2021Disentangling increasing compound extremes at regional scale during Indian summer monsoonGuntu R.K.; Agarwal, Ankit
2021Multiscale spatiotemporal analysis of extreme events in the Gomati River Basin, IndiaKalyan A.V.S.; Ghose D.K.; Thalagapu R.; Guntu R.K.; Agarwal, Ankit; Kurths J.; Rathinasamy M.
2021Network-based exploration of basin precipitation based on satellite and observed dataGadhawe M.A.; Guntu R.K.; Agarwal, Ankit
2020Spatiotemporal variability of Indian rainfall using multiscale entropyGuntu R.K.; Rathinasamy M.; Agarwal, Ankit; Sivakumar B.
2020Wavelet entropy-based evaluation of intrinsic predictability of time seriesGuntu R.K.; Yeditha P.K.; Rathinasamy M.; Perc M.; Marwan N.; Kurths J.; Agarwal, Ankit