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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A derived flood frequency distribution for correlated rainfall intensity and durationGoel, Narendra Kumar; Kurothe R.S.; Mathur B.S.; Vogel R.M.
2009Adequacy of Nakagami-m distribution function to derive GIUHSarkar S.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Mathur B.S.
2009Analysis of historical changes in rainfall in the Indian HimalayasBasistha A.; Arya, Dhyan Singh; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2011Application of Clustering Techniques Using Prioritized Variables in Regional Flood Frequency Analysis-Case Study of Mahanadi BasinKar A.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Lohani A.K.; Roy G.P.
2008Climate variability influences on hydrological responses of a large himalayan basinArora M.; Singh P.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Singh R.D.
2011Comparative study of neural network, fuzzy logic and linear transfer function techniques in daily rainfall-runoff modelling under different input domainsLohani A.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Bhatia K.K.S.
2001Derivation of operation policies for the multipurpose Ramganga reservoir (India)Mishra, Surendra Kumar; Seth S.M.; Srivastava D.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar
1997Derived flood frequency distribution for negatively correlated rainfall intensity and durationKurothe R.S.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Mathur B.S.
2007Deriving stage-discharge-sediment concentration relationships using fuzzy logicLohani A.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Bhatia K.K.S.
2010Design flow and stage computations in the Teesta River, Bangladesh, using frequency analysis and MIKE 11 modelingRahman M.M.; Arya, Dhyan Singh; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Dhamy A.P.
2018Development of intensity duration frequency relationships for Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IndiaTamrakar S.; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2010Development of isopluvial map using L-moment approach for Tehri-Garhwal HimalayaSarkar S.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Mathur B.S.
2012Development of the jamuneswari flood forecasting system: Case study in BangladeshRahman M.M.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Arya, Dhyan Singh
1993Development of unbiased plotting position formula for General Extreme Value distributionsGoel, Narendra Kumar; De M.
2013Effect of climate change on runoff generation: Application to Rift Valley Lakes Basin of EthiopiaWagesho N.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2006Effect of climate change on runoff of a glacierized Himalayan basinSingh P.; Arora M.; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2021Evaluation and ranking of different gridded precipitation datasets for Satluj River basin using compromise programming and f-TOPSISChowdhury B.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Arora M.
2005Evaluation of temperature trends over India | Evaluation de tendances de température en IndeArora M.; Goel, Narendra Kumar; Singh P.
2001Flood frequency analysis for the Red River at WinnipegBurn D.H.; Goel, Narendra Kumar
2019Flood Frequency Analysis of Narmada River Basin in India under Nonstationary ConditionRay L.K.; Goel, Narendra Kumar