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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A combination of linalool, vitamin C, and copper synergistically triggers reactive oxygen species and DNA damage and inhibits Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica serovar typhi and Vibrio fluvialisGhosh T.; Srivastava S.K.; Gaurav A.; Kumar A.; Kumar P.; Yadav A.S.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2019Characterization of difference in structure and function of fresh and mastitic bovine milk fat globulesVerma A.; Ghosh T.; Bhushan B.; Packirisamy G.; Navani N.K.; Sarangi P.P.; Ambatipudi K.
2018Direct, CMOS In-Line Process Flow Compatible, Sub 100 °C Cu–Cu Thermocompression Bonding Using Stress EngineeringPanigrahi A.K.; Ghosh T.; Kumar C.H.; Singh S.G.; Vanjari S.R.K.
2014Genetic regulation of spy gene expression in Escherichia coli in the presence of protein unfolding agent ethanolSrivastava S.K.; Lambadi P.R.; Ghosh T.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2016Isolation of a non-genomic origin fluoroquinolone responsive regulatory element using a combinatorial bioengineering approachSrivastava S.K.; Iyer V.R.; Ghosh T.; Lambadi P.R.; Pathania R.; Navani N.K.
2019Mechanistic insights into probiotic properties of lactic acid bacteria associated with ethnic fermented dairy productsGhosh T.; Beniwal A.; Semwal A.; Navani N.K.
2018Metal-alloy Cu surface passivation leads to high quality fine-pitch bump-less Cu-Cu bonding for 3D IC and heterogeneous integration applicationsPanigrahi A.K.; Kumar C.H.; Bonam S.; Brince P.K.; Ghosh T.; Paul N.; Vanjari S.R.K.; Singh S.G.
2018Optimized ultra-thin manganin alloy passivated fine-pitch damascene compatible bump-less Cu-Cu bonding at sub 200 °c for three-dimensional Integration applicationsPanigrahi A.K.; Kumar C.H.; Bonam S.; Ghosh T.; Vanjari S.R.K.; Singh S.G.
2017Optimized ultra-thin Manganin alloy passivated fine-pitch damascene compatible Cu-Cu bonding at sub 200°C for 3D IC integrationPanigrahi A.K.; Kumar C.H.; Ghosh T.; Vanjari S.R.K.; Singh S.G.