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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999A new family of acylrhodium organometallicsPattanayak S.; Chattopadhyay S.; Ghosh, Kaushik; Ganguly S.; Ghosh P.; Chakravorty A.
2007A new technique to remove false topographic perception phenomenon and its impacts in image interpretationSaraf, Arun Kumar; Sinha S.T.; Ghosh P.; Choudhury S.
2006Application of xylanase enzyme of Bacillus coagulans as a prebleaching agent on non-woody pulpsChauhan S.; Choudhury, Bijan; Singh S.N.; Ghosh P.
2006Biobleaching of nonwoody pulps using xylanase of Bacillus brevis BISR-062Choudhury, Bijan; Aggarwal P.; Gothwal R.K.; Mantri R.; Mohan M.K.; Ghosh P.
2009Bioconversion of 3-cyanopyridine to nicotinic acid by a thermotable nitrilaseNigam V.K.; Agarwal A.; Sharma M.; Ghosh P.; Choudhury, Bijan
2021Determination of critical community size from an HIV/AIDS modelDas S.; Ghosh P.; Banerjee, Sandip; Pyne S.; Chattopadhyay J.; Mukhopadhyay I.
2002Development of An Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Technique to Assess the Impact of Reservoirs on Groundwater in Hard Rock TerrainSaraf A. K.; Roy A. S.; Sarma B.; Ghosh P.
2005Digital elevation model (DEM) generation from NOAA-AVHRR night-time data and its comparison with USGS-DEMSaraf, Arun Kumar; Mishra B.P.; Choudhury S.; Ghosh P.
2001Impacts of reservoirs on groundwater and vegetation: A study based on remote sensing and gis techniquesSaraf, Arun Kumar; Choudhary P.R.; Sarma B.; Ghosh P.
2020Marine and fluvial sedimentation including erosion and sediment flux in peninsular Indian phanerozoic basinsBanerjee S.; Ghosh P.; Nagendra R.; Bhattacharya, Biplab; Desai B.; Srivastava A.K.
2009Nitrilase-catalysed conversion of acrylonitrile by free and immobilized cells of Streptomyces sp.Nigam V.K.; Khandelwal A.K.; Gothwal R.K.; Mohan M.K.; Choudhury, Bijan; Vidyarthi A.S.; Ghosh P.
2007Optimization of nitrilase production from a new thermophilic isolateKhandelwal A.K.; Nigam V.K.; Choudhury, Bijan; Mohan M.K.; Ghosh P.
2006Production of Xylanase of Bacillus coagulans and its bleaching potentialChoudhury, Bijan; Chauhan S.; Singh S.N.; Ghosh P.
2002Satellite data reveals 26 January 2001 Kutch earthquake-induced ground changes and appearance of water bodiesSaraf, Arun Kumar; Sinvhal A.; Sinvhal H.; Ghosh P.; Sarma B.
2012Timely prediction of tsunami using under sea earthquake signalsKumar S.; Sushil R.; Kumar A.; Ray V.K.; Ghosh P.; Kumar S.; Shikha S.; Kumar S.; Paul A.; Yadav A.; Deep, K.