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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Alkaline pretreatment methods followed by acid hydrolysis of Saccharum spontaneum for bioethanol productionChaudhary G.; Singh L.K.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2014Application of neural network and genetic algorithm based approaches to bioprocessKumar P.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2015Biocatalytic green approach for epoxidation of fatty compounds derived from soyadeodistillate under acid free conditionsSuman S.K.; Dhawaria M.; Porwal J.; Aila M.; Karanwal N.; Behra B.; Kaul S.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Jain S.L.
2012Bioconversion of hemicellulosic fraction of perennial kans grass (saccharum spontaneum) biomass to ethanol by pichia stipitis: A kinetic studySingh L.K.; Majumder C.B.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2009Bioconversion of lignocellulosic fraction of water-hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) hemicellulose acid hydrolysate to ethanol by Pichia stipitisKumar A.; Singh L.K.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2019Bioethanol production from various lignocellulosic feedstocks by a novel “fractional hydrolysis” technique with different inorganic acids and co-culture fermentationMishra A.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2018Bioreactors in solid state fermentation technology: Design, applications and engineering aspectsArora S.; Rani R.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2021Biotransformation of lignocellulosic biomass to xylitol: an overviewJain V.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2019Chicken Feather Derived Novel Support Material for Immobilization of Laccase and Its Application in Oxidation of Veratryl AlcoholSuman S.K.; Patnam P.L.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Jain S.L.
2014Development of sequential-co-culture system (Pichia stipitis and Zymomonas mobilis) for bioethanol production from Kans grass biomassSingh L.K.; Majumder C.B.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2017Effect of mixing events on the production of a thermo-tolerant and acid-stable phytase in a novel solid-state fermentation bioreactorArora S.; Dubey M.; Singh P.; Rani R.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2018Energy assessment of second generation (2G) ethanol production from wheat straw in Indian scenarioMishra A.; Kumar A.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2004Evaluation of an alternative source of dextran as a phase forming polymer for aqueous two-phase extractive systemGhosh, Sanjoy; Vijayalakshmi R.; Swaminathan T.
2018Mathematical modeling of light energy flux balance in flat panel photobioreactor for Botryococcus braunii growth, CO2 biofixation and lipid production under varying light regimesSingh Khichi S.; Anis A.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2005Mixing control as a device to increase PHB production in batch fermentations with co-cultures of Lactobacillus delbrueckii and Ralstonia eutrophaGanduri V.S.R.K.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Patnaik P.R.
2012Modelling of bioprocess for streptokinase production using mechanistic and neural network approachesKumar P.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Savoie M.J.; Callaos N.C.; Siddique M.; Sanchez B.; Zinn C.D.; Tremante A.
2014Mustard oil cake as an inexpensive support for production of chitin deacetylase by Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51 under solid-state fermentationPareek N.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Singh, Rajesh Pratap; Vivekanand V.
2014NaOH pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis of saccharum spontaneum for reducing sugars productionKataria R.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2019Online estimation of biomass, lipid and nitrate dynamic profile using innovative light evolution kinetic model in flat panel airlift photobioreactor for Botryococcus braunii under varying light conditionsKhichi S.S.; Rohith S.; Gehlot K.; Dutta B.C.; Ghosh, Sanjoy
2005Optimal mixing to improve the performance of batch and continuous fermentations with recombinant Escherichia coliGanduri V.S.R.K.; Ghosh, Sanjoy; Patnaik P.R.