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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011C-band microstrip based bandpass filter with design oriented transmission zeros allocationRawat K.; Ghannouchi F.
2014Convergence analysis in deterministic 3D ray launching radio channel estimation in complex environmentsAzpilicueta L.; Rawat M.; Rawat K.; Ghannouchi F.; Falcone F.
2011Joint evaluation and mitigation of RF impairments and nonlinear distortion in WiMAX transceiver under Nakagami-M fading channelBhattacharjee S.; Rawat K.; Rawat M.; Wang D.; Helaoui M.; Leung H.; Ghannouchi F.
2013Joint mitigation of nonlinearity and modulator imperfections in dual-band concurrent transmitter using neural networksRawat M.; Rawat K.; Younes M.; Ghannouchi F.
2012Load-pull assisted cad design of inverted Doherty Amplifier without quarter-wave transformerRawat K.; Ghannouchi F.