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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Bivariate q -Bernstein-Chlodowsky-Durrmeyer type operators and the associated GBS operatorsGarg T.; Ispir N.; Agrawal P.N.
2020Convergence Rate of Szász Operators Involving Boas–Buck-Type PolynomialsYilik O.O; Garg T.; Agrawal P.N.
2019Further results concerning some general Durrmeyer type operatorsGarg T.; Acu A.M.; Agrawal P.N.
2019Genome-Wide Transcript Profiling Reveals an Auxin-Responsive Transcription Factor, OsAP2/ERF-40, Promoting Rice Adventitious Root DevelopmentNeogy A.; Garg T.; Kumar A.; Dwivedi A.K.; Singh H.; Singh U.; Singh Z.; Prasad K.; Jain M.; Yadav, Shri Ram
2019Jain–Durrmeyer Operators Involving Inverse Pólya–Eggenberger DistributionGarg T.; Agrawal P.N.; Kajla A.
2017OsMADS1/OsLHS1: Diversified regulatory functions in ensuring transition and completion of sexual reproduction in riceYadav, Shri Ram; Kumar A.; Neogy A.; Garg T.
2017Rate of convergence by Kantorovich-Szász type operators based on Brenke type polynomialsGarg T.; Agrawal P.N.; Araci S.
2020Tissue-specific expression pattern of calcium-dependent protein kinases-related kinases (CRKs) in riceYadav A.; Garg T.; Singh H.; Yadav, Shri Ram
2019Weighted approximation and GBS of Chlodowsky–Szász–Kantorovich type operatorsGarg T.; Acu A.M.; Agrawal P.N.