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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A quantitative model for stabilization effect induced by ferroelectric agingBao H.; Xue D.; Wang Y.; Gao J.; Zhang L.; Yang S.; Yadav, Kamlesh Kumar; Ren X.
2020Cutting polygons into small pieces with chords: Laser-based localizationArkin E.M.; Das R.; Gao J.; Goswami, Mayank; Mitchell J.S.B.; Polishchuk V.; Tóth C.D.; Grandoni F.; Herman G.; Sanders P.
2011Exploration of path space using sensor network geometryJiang R.; Ban X.; Goswami, Mayank; Zeng W.; Gao J.; Gu X.
2013Is random walk truly memoryless - Traffic analysis and source location privacy under random walksShi R.; Goswami, Mayank; Gao J.; Gu X.
2017Joint sensing duty cycle scheduling for heterogeneous coverage guaranteeLiu K.S.; Mayer T.; Yang H.T.; Arkin E.; Gao J.; Goswami, Mayank; Johnson M.P.; Kumar N.; Lin S.
2015Medial axis based routing has constant load balancing factorGao J.; Goswami, Mayank; Bansal N.; Finocchi I.
2018Notch ligand Dll1 mediates cross-talk between mammary stem cells and the macrophageal nicheChakrabarti R.; Celià-Terrassa T.; Kumar, Sushil; Hang X.; Wei Y.; Choudhury A.; Hwang J.; Peng J.; Nixon B.; Grady J.J.; DeCoste C.; Gao J.; van Es J.H.; Li M.O.; Aifantis I.; Clevers H.; Kang Y.
2015Space filling curves for 3d sensor networks with complex topologyGoswami, Mayank; Li S.; Zhang J.; Saucan E.; Gu D.X.; Gao J.
2013Topology dependent space filling curves for sensor networks and applicationsBan X.; Goswami, Mayank; Zeng W.; Gu X.; Gao J.