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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A delay model for the effects of environmental toxicant on biological speciesGakkhar S.; Sahani S.K.
2010A delay model for viral infection in toxin producing phytoplankton and zooplankton systemGakkhar S.; Singh A.
2015A dengue model incorporating saturation incidence and human migrationGakkhar S.; Mishra A.; Gotz T.; Suryanto A.
2012A dynamical model for HIV-TB co-infectionGakkhar S.; Chavda N.
2020A Mathematical Model for Nipah Virus InfectionZewdie A.D.; Gakkhar S.
2020A Mathematical Model for Phage Therapy with Impulsive Phage Dose: Model for Phage TherapySahani S.K.; Gakkhar S.
2006A mathematical model for viral infection in toxin producing phytoplankton and zooplankton systemGakkhar S.; Negi K.
2017A micro-epidemic model for primary dengue infectionMishra A.; Gakkhar S.
2009A model for delayed effect of toxicant on resource-biomass systemGakkhar S.; Sahani S.K.
2018A network model for control of dengue epidemic using sterile insect techniqueMishra A.; Ambrosio B.; Gakkhar S.; Aziz-Alaoui M.A.
2016A three species dynamical system involving prey-predation, competition and commensalismGakkhar S.; Gupta K.
2008A time delay model for bacteria bacteriophage interactionGakkhar S.; Sahani S.K.
2017An impulsive stage-structured pest control model using pesticide spray synchronized with birth pulseGakkhar S.; Goel A.
1994BOD-DO dispersion modelling accounting for sedimentationTyagi B.; Bhargava D.S.; Gakkhar S.
2003Chaos in seasonally perturbed ratio-dependent prey-predator systemGakkhar S.; Kamel Naji R.
2002Chaos in three species ratio dependent food chainGakkhar S.; Naji R.K.
2015Comparative genome and network centrality analysis to identify drug targets of mycobacterium tuberculosis H37RvMelak T.; Gakkhar S.
2012Complex behaviour in four species food-web modelGakkhar S.; Priyadarshi A.; Banerjee, Sandip
2005Complex dynamic behavior in a food web consisting of two preys and a predatorGakkhar S.; Singh B.
2012Complex dynamics in a prey predator system with multiple delaysGakkhar S.; Singh A.