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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Calculated electronic and magnetic properties of the half-metallic, transition metal based Heusler compoundsKandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.
2007Correlation in Heusler compounds Co2YSi(Y=3d transition metal)Kandpal H.C.; Felser C.; Fecher G.H.
2006Correlation in the transition-metal-based Heusler compounds Co2 MnSi and Co2 FeSiKandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.; Schönhense G.
2006Covalent bonding and the nature of band gaps in some half-Heusler compoundsKandpal H.C.; Felser C.; Seshadri R.
2005Design of magnetic materials: The electronic structure of the ordered, doped Heusler compound Co2Cr1-xFexAlFecher G.H.; Kandpal H.C.; Wurmehl S.; Morais J.; Lin H.-J.; Elmers H.-J.; Schönhense G.; Felser C.
2007Electronic and magnetic properties of GdPdSbCasper F.; Kandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.
2007Electronic structure, magnetism and disorder in the Heusler compound Co2TiSnKandpal H.C.; Ksenofontov V.; Wojcik M.; Seshadri R.; Felser C.
2005Geometric, electronic, and magnetic structure of Co2FeSi: Curie temperature and magnetic moment measurements and calculationsWurmehl S.; Fecher G.H.; Kandpal H.C.; Ksenofontov V.; Felser C.; Lin H.-J.; Morais J.
2006Investigation of Co2FeSi: The Heusler compound with highest Curie temperature and magnetic momentWurmehl S.; Fecher G.H.; Kandpal H.C.; Ksenofontov V.; Felser C.; Lin H.-J.
2008Magnetic and electronic properties of double perovskites and estimation of their Curie temperatures by ab initio calculationsMandal T.K.; Felser C.; Greenblatt M.; KüblerJ.
2006Properties of the quaternary half-metal-type Heusler alloy Co2 Mn1-x Fex SiBalke B.; Fecher G.H.; Kandpal H.C.; Felser C.; Kobayashi K.; Ikenaga E.; Kim J.-J.; Ueda S.
2018Reentrant magnetism at the borderline between long-range antiferromagnetic order and spin-glass behavior in the B -site disordered perovskite system C a2-x S rxFeRu O6Naveen K.; Reehuis M.; Adler P.; Pattison P.; Hoser A.; Mandal T.K.; Arjun U.; Mukharjee P.K.; Nath R.; Felser C.; Paul A.K.
2006Slater-Pauling rule and Curie temperature of Co2-based Heusler compoundsFecher G.H.; Kandpal H.C.; Wurmehl S.; Felser C.; Schönhense G.
2007Spectroscopic and microscopic study of vanadium oxide nanotubesGloskovskii A.; Nepijko S.A.; Schönhense G.; Therese H.A.; Reiber A.; Kandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.; Tremel W.; Klimenkov M.
2006Structure and properties of GdAuSn and the GdAuSn/MnAuSn systemCasper F.; Ksenofontov V.; Kandpal H.C.; Reiman S.; Shishido T.; Takahashi M.; Takeda M.; Felser C.
2007The half-metallic ferromagnet Co2 Mn0.5 Fe0.5 SiBalke B.; Kandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.
2006Time-of-flight photoelectron spectromicroscopy of single Mo S2 nanotubesGloskovskii A.; Nepijko S.A.; Cinchetti M.; Schönhense G.; Fecher G.H.; Kandpal H.C.; Felser C.; Therese H.A.; Zink N.; Tremel W.; Oelsner A.
2006Valence electron rules for prediction of half-metallic compensated- ferrimagnetic behaviour of Heusler compounds with complete spin polarizationWurmehl S.; Kandpal H.C.; Fecher G.H.; Felser C.
2006Verwey-type transition in EuNiPKsenofontov V.; Kandpal H.C.; Ensling J.; Waldeck M.; Johrendt D.; Mewis A.; Gütlich P.; Felser C.