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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Chemistry of the highly stable hindered cobalt sandwich compound (η5-Cp)Co(η4-C4Ph4) and its derivativesKumar, Dheeraj; Deb M.; Singh J.; Singh N.; Keshav K.; Elias A.J.
2014Chiral multidentate oxazoline ligands based on cyclophosphazene cores: Synthesis, characterization and complexation studiesKumar, Dheeraj; Singh J.; Elias A.J.
2014New chiral palladacycles from an unprecedented cyclopalladation of cyclobutadiene-bound phenyl groups of cobalt sandwich compoundsSingh J.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Singh N.; Elias A.J.
2014Reactions of alkyne- and butadiyne-derived fluorinated cyclophosphazenes with diiron and dimolybdenum carbonylsKumar, Dheeraj; Singh N.; Elias A.J.; Malik P.; Allen C.W.
2014Reactions of allylzinc bromide with ethynylferrocene derived fluorinated cyclophosphazenesBiswas R.; Keshav K.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Elias A.J.
2014Reduction reactions of alkyne and butadiyne derived fluorinated cyclophosphazenesKumar, Dheeraj; Elias A.J.
2011Ring-closing metathesis reactions of terminal alkene-derived cyclic phosphazenesKumar, Dheeraj; Singh N.; Keshav K.; Elias A.J.
2012Synthesis and characterization of difunctionalized derivatives of the cyclobutadiene linked dimeric cobalt sandwich compound [(η 5-Cp) Co(η 4-C 4Ph 3)] 2Mandapati P.; Singh N.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Elias A.J.
2013Synthesis and structural characterization of the first examples of butadiynyl derived cyclic fluorinated phosphazenesKumar, Dheeraj; Singh N.; Keshav K.; Elias A.J.
2011Synthesis of (β-phenylethynyl)-gem- diphenyltrifluorocyclotriphosphazene and its reaction with RCpCo(PPh 3)2 [R = MeOC(O)]Kumar M.S.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Elias A.J.
2013Synthesis, spectral, and structural studies of porphyrins having sterically hindered [η5-CpCo(η4-C4Ph 4)] cobalt sandwich units at the meso positionsKeshav K.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Elias A.J.
2019The Explosive Chemistry of Nitrogen: A Fascinating Journey From 9th Century to the PresentKumar, Dheeraj; Elias A.J.
2016Unprecedented Formation of π-Copper Complexes during Sonogashira Coupling: Synthesis of a Unique, Recyclable, Ethynyl Ferrocene Derived Cu(I) Specific LigandDeb M.; Kumar, Dheeraj; Singh J.; Elias A.J.